Based on Paula Daly’s best selling novel, Windermere. The story follows three women as they each make life-changing mistakes regarding there children and husbands, which leads to unpredictable criminal consequences.

Episode One

Over-stretched, working mother Lisa Kallisto never lives up to the expectations she sets herself. Happily married to taxi driver Joe, she is mother to three kids and runs a dog kennels business. But Lisa can’t help comparing herself to tiger mum, Kate Riverty, who makes the best cakes, organises the best play dates, and is married to the handsome and wealthy Guy. Lisa is delighted when Kate invites her to a dinner party, but the evening takes an unexpected turn when she meets Kate’s charming brother-in-law. Haunted by her transgression at the dinner party, Lisa throws herself into family life, determined to bury her guilt. But she makes a further error when she forgets to pick up Kate’s teenage daughter, Lucinda, from school and the Rivertys place the blame firmly at her door.

Episode Two

Lisa tries to make amends for her part in Lucinda’s disappearance but is starting to see a different side to Kate and Guy. Loyal husband Joe tells her to focus on their own family – particularly their daughter Sally, who has taken the events to heart. Roz arranges to meet Scott at an expensive hotel, where they enjoy a luxury meal and then retire to his room. The money he pays her allows her to settle her debts and also treat her daughter, Abby, to some much-needed school shoes. Roz deletes Scott as a client and finds him another physio practice. But Scott isn’t interested in a one-time arrangement and when he turns up at work unannounced, she realises she now has a different problem.

Episode Three

Lisa and Joe come together to tackle a crisis at the kennels. Assuming that she has Joe’s support, Lisa begins to hope for a new future away from her problems with the Rivertys. Roz uses Scott’s money to pay off some debts and life begins to return to normal. With no idea of Roz’s double life, Winston proposes marriage and Roz thinks it’s finally time to accept. But when Roz’s brother Pete makes his disapproval clear, Winston is tempted back into his old ways. Guy is arrested for his attack on Nelson, and Joanne digs deeper into his past. Traumatised by events and still desperate to find Lucinda, he returns home to Kate. Lisa opens up to Roz about her transgression with Adam and Roz dishes out good advice, but Roz is unable to reveal her own secret.

Episode Four

Harassed, running late for the school trip, Lisa sees Kate approaching a holiday cottage and meeting an unexpected holiday guest. With no time to think, Lisa races to the coach for the trip where Roz is arriving with Abby, who is still unaware that her parents have split up. Lisa can’t get close enough to Kate to ask her what’s been going on, and watches in shock as Kate continues to play the role of the tragic mother of a missing daughter. The tensions amidst the parents feed into the children and Sam ‘helps’ Fergus with an extra push on the high ropes, as all the mums watch in horror. Then, just as Lisa begins to confront Kate, Fergus has an unexplained seizure. Lisa follows Kate and Fergus to hospital, determined to uncover the truth. Kate breaks down and tries to blackmail Lisa to keep her secret, but Lisa won’t be controlled anymore. With Kate threatening to reveal the events of the dinner party, Lisa decides it’s time to tell Joe what happened at the dinner party.

Episode Five

With Lucinda now back at the Rivertys’ home and Joe having left Lisa there, Lisa starts a long walk home. She finds a sullen Joe in a local bar and watches as he drinks and flirts with the barmaid, and when he doesn’t come home the next morning, Lisa fears the worst. Traumatised from the attack, Roz makes her way home and finds a furious and worried Joanne waiting for her. With no one else to confide in, Roz tells Scott all about Wayne. He promises to deal with Wayne and to protect them both by retrieving the footage. Kate scrambles to hide her secret from Guy, but his suspicions about where Lucinda has been begin to mount and he walks out on Kate. Kate follows him to a second home and an even bigger secret of his own. Feeling isolated from her family and from Joe, Lisa returns to the bar and begins to drink.

Episode Six

Fergus wakes to find that Kate has been drinking heavily and is unconscious in the boathouse. Kate is rushed to hospital and Lisa takes care of Fergus but some choice words from Fergus make Lisa suspect that Kate’s mothering is not as wholesome as she originally thought. Roz confesses to Lisa what happened between her and Wayne. Together they decide to report it to the police, but Joanne reveals that Scott’s way of dealing with the situation has resulted in Wayne’s escape. Finding herself in Kate’s kitchen with the three men in her life – Scott, Winston and Pete – Roz decides it’s time to expose Scott.

Deep Water begins on Wednesday 14th August at 9pm on ITV.