Deep Water spoilers: Episode One

Deep Water is an emotional thriller set in England’s beautiful Lake District. Among the epic scenery of lakes and mountains, we meet three ordinary mothers. But, behind closed doors, each woman is struggling with extraordinary moral and ethical dilemmas.

Our strong female protagonists make life-changing decisions with unpredictable consequences for themselves and their families. The series investigates the tangled issues of modern parenting, friendships, relationships and sexual desires. Deep Water explores the challenges of being a twenty first century woman. These are ordinary women making extraordinary choices and watching their journeys is an unforgettable ride.

Over-stretched, working mother Lisa Kallisto (Anna Friel) never lives up to the expectations she sets herself. Happily married to taxi driver Joe, she is mother to three kids and runs a dog kennels business. But Lisa can’t help comparing herself to tiger mum, Kate Riverty (Rosalind Eleazar), who makes the best cakes, organises the best play dates, and is married to the handsome and wealthy Guy. Lisa is delighted when Kate invites her to a dinner party, but the evening takes an unexpected turn when she meets Kate’s charming brother-in-law.

Haunted by her transgression at the dinner party, Lisa throws herself into family life, determined to bury her guilt. But she makes a further error when she forgets to pick up Kate’s teenage daughter, Lucinda, from school and the Rivertys place the blame firmly at her door.

Lisa’s friend, physiotherapist Roz Toovey (Sinéad Keenan) Is stony broke and deep in debt due to the actions of her gambling addicted partner Winston. Desperate to protect her daughter Abby and keep a roof over all their heads, she works every hour she can. But when bailiffs com knocking, her home is under threat, and her partner is nowhere to be seen, an offer of cash for sex from a wealthy client could be Roz’s only option.


Lisa Kallisto – Anna Friel
Roz Toovey – Sinead Keenan
Kate Riverty – Rosalind Eleazar
Joanne Aspinall – Faye Marsay
Guy Riverty – Alastair Mackenzie
Winston Hill – Charlie Carrick
Joe Kallisto – Steven Cree
Scott Elias – Gerald Kyd
Adam – Steve Toussaint
Alexa – Camilla Beeput
Wayne – Matthew Aubrey
Pete Toovey – Carl Rice
Lucinda Riverty – Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness
Sally Kallisto – Nell Williams
Abby Hill – Macy Shackleton
Sam Kallisto – Leo Ashton
Fergus Riverty – Rico Canadinhas
James Kallisto – Jake Hayes
Louise Elias – Audrie Woodhouse
Miss King – Naomi Yang
Client Sue – Heather Phoenix
Taxi Driver – James Puddephatt

Deep Water begins tonight at 9pm on ITV

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