Monday 12th August

An unknown lady arrives looking for Callum, Vicky, and shares some heart-breaking news – her brother Chris, an ex-army colleague and friend of Callum’s, has died. As Callum struggles to process the news, Vicky encourages him to come to the memorial tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Bobby has doubts about joining the Ahmeds for Eid but after a heart-to-heart with Iqra, he joins the celebrations. Things are off to a bad start however when Habiba, Iqra and Adam struggle to remain civil. Mariam soon picks-up on the tension and demands to know the truth but Iqra steps in and distracts Mariam by revealing she’s seeing someone. Outside, Iqra reveals to Habiba that it wasn’t a lie, she is in a relationship.

Elsewhere, Kat comes clean to Kush about why Stacey and Martin fled leaving him furious. However he later returns with his belongings, he’s staying at the Slater’s in case Phil comes looking. Stuart attempts to make amends with a reluctant Rainie but after Stuart helps her in a tricky situation with Max, she comes round.

Bobby tries to explain his decision to practice Islam to Kathy and Ian. With Linda worried about her smear test results, Mick lies to Mitch and tells him the doctor gave him the all clear.

Tuesday 13th August

Callum struggles to focus at work and with Chris on his mind, he leaves unannounced and goes to the memorial. Feeling overwhelmed, Callum quickly leaves and rushes back to the Square but as he tries to gather his thoughts, he is confronted by Whitney who demands to know what’s going on. With Whitney questioning if Callum is having an affair, he eventually reveals that his friend died but as Whitney does her best to support him, Callum struggles to hold it together and heads back to the memorial.

Habiba questions Iqra about her partner and later on, confides in Honey that she didn’t know what was going on in her sister’s life. Back home, Mariam and Arshad scold Iqra for not being honest with them but Habiba interrupts and makes an excuse for her and Iqra to leave. After a heart-to-heart with her sister, Habiba thanks Honey for her help.

With Ian struggling to process Bobby’s news, Kathy gives him a stern reality check leading Ian to suggest him and Bobby sit down and talk over dinner. Despite Ian’s efforts, Bobby avoids the conversation and stays at work. Elsewhere, Sonia looks at laptop and is alarmed to discover Bex is looking at other options to university. Alone, Sonia shares her fears with Bex’s Stuart who tries to calm her down. As Kush moves in with the Slaters, Robbie searches for a new flat mate.

Thursday 15th August

It’s the day of Bex’s A-Level results but as Sonia anxiously waits to hear, Bex contemplates what she really wants. Back home, Bex opens up her results. As Mick struggles to breathe, Stuart comes in and makes a desperate plea to win Mick back as a friend but with Mick not engaging, Stuart leaves. Soon after, Mick collapses.

Kathy is worried to hear Bobby failed to turn up to dinner with Ian but as she tries to call him, he wakes up in the restaurant after sleeping there for the night. Later on, Bobby witnesses Max and Ruby together and after she leaves, Bobby questions if Max loved Lucy leaving Max unnerved. Elsewhere, after an unsettling conversation with Iqra, Honey tells Will and Janet to pack their things. However when Adam returns, she tells him they’re going away together without the children – is all at it seems?

Iqra apologises for lying to Mariam and Arshad but when they insist she brings her partner over for dinner, she takes drastic action and moves into Robbie’s spare room. Whitney checks on Callum. Jean goes for an update on her chemotherapy treatment but as she waits for her appointment, Daniel immediately irritates her.

Friday 16th August

Mick calls out for Stuart who is alarmed to find Mick struggling to breathe and collapsed on the floor. As Stuart calls an ambulance.

Max confronts Bobby for questioning him about Lucy but after upsetting Bobby, he opens up about what happened between them.

At the hospital, Jean spots a distraught Daniel and takes him for a coffee. Sheree continues to make herself at home at the salon and suggests entering a hair dressing competition, much to Denise’s annoyance. When Gray arrives, Lola tells Gray he should encourage Chantelle enter and both Chantelle and Lola are ecstatic when he gives his blessing.