Tensions run high at the hospital as the Mitchells rally around Phil’s bedside and as one person learns a shocking truth, they’re left dumbstruck. Meanwhile, the police close in on a suspect as the evidence stacks up against them.


1st Episode

Robert tries to persuade Aaron, Jai is under pressure from the staff.

A guilty Kerry is called down to the police station and is questioned. Kerry, is caught out when DI Goldberg find a hole in her story and feeling the pressure of the questioning, a tense Kerry soon implicates another whilst covering her own tracks.

2nd Episode

Cain reacts badly to Debbie’s news and is wary of how Charity will take it, Kim reiterates her intentions, and Manpreet packs to leave.


Sinead is giving Sami the cold shoulder after yesterday. She leaves and is hitch hiking a ride home

Juliet is angry at Brooke so she steals her purse. Later, Brooke realizes that she’s lost her purse, so she goes back to the DJ tent to look for it. Whilst Brooke is in the DJ tent, she has a sensory overload. She falls to the floor and screams for help.

Tom is still clearly frustrated with Peri and Prince’s romance. He tells Prince that Lily’s only been gone a few months, and suggests that people in the village may judge him.

Mitchell goes to meet Scott for the lad’s day, but turns out he was needed last minute to perform at The Dog as a drag agony aunt! Mitchell helps Anita’s agony aunt act by coming on to the stage and giving medical advice.

Fair City

Charlotte does her best to stand up to Ritchie while Decco’s suspicions continue to rise. Darragh has to do some serious back pedaling with Erica. Cristiano is surprised when Will makes an effort, and Ray turns down Nora’s offer.