Another week in Carrigstown provides no end of drama when Phoebe sneaks out to meet Aaron, Eoghan gets creative, Erica grows impatient with a preoccupied Darragh and it’s Dearbhla’s big day as she waits for news about getting back to Canada.

We all know happiness doesn’t last long and when Cristiano lies to Will in order for Phoebe to see Aaron again but it doesn’t last long when they are caught out.

Fiona listens as Eoghan tells the tourists some tall tales but it is Orla who is less than impressed by his lies. Eoghan is later given a warning to keep Orla happy.

A wedding should be a joyful time except Darragh isn’t showing any interest in the planning which leaves Erica frustrated.

Dearbhla wants out of Carrigstown and applies for her return to Canada but when she is given some bad news she isolates herself and drunkenly lashes out at those near her.

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