Pobol Y Cwm spoilers: 30th September – 3rd October 2019

This Week on Pobol Y Cwm


Penderfyna Iolo wynebu Tyler pan ddaw o hyd i’w gyfrinach ar ei gyfrifiadur. Mae Garry yn ceisio cael gwared ar Gwyneth unwaith ac am byth.

Ceisia Jason berswadio Sara i roi ail gyfle i’w perthynas drwy drefnu sypreis iddi. Daw Sioned ar draws sefyllfa beryglus tra’n prynu cyffuriau.

Dengys y Jonesys eu cefnogaeth i Debbie ar ddiwrnod y ras gwrth-gyffuriau. Caiff Colin ei ddal yn mynd i weld Melisa.

Gyda gafael ar swm sylweddol o arian Garry, mae Gwyneth yn penderfynu chwarae gêm beryglus. Mae Sioned yn troi at y botel mewn ymgais i ddygymod â’r hyn welodd yn digwydd i Jamie.

(Picture: S4C)
(Picture: S4C)
(Picture: S4C)
(Picture: S4C)


Iolo decides to confront Tyler when he uncovers his secret on his laptop. Garry tries getting rid of Gwyneth for good.

Jason tries persuading Sara to give their relationship a second chance by arranging a surprise. Sioned comes across a dangerous situation while buying drugs.

The Joneses show their support to Debbie on the day of the anti-drugs race. Colin is caught going to see Melisa.

With access to a substantial amount of Garry’s money, Gwyneth decides to play a dangerous game. Sioned turns to the bottle in an attempt to deal with what she saw happen to Jamie.

Pobol Y Cwm airs Monday – Thursday on S4C with a double bill on Wednesday. Catch-up is available via BBC Iplayer and S4C Clic.

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