This week in Shieldinch… Stevie is torn between his relationship with Poppy and his job with Lenny; Caitlin’s got a ‘to do’ list to fulfil for a very special birthday; and Bob’s day of peace is disrupted by family duties.

Stevie and Poppy’s romance gathers momentum, but his business connections to Lenny prove problematic for his lawyer girlfriend. Stevie lies to Poppy, telling her the work he does for Lenny isn’t dodgy.

Behind Poppy’s back, Stevie works hard to prove he’s Lenny’s rightful heir by keeping the business running smoothly. However, when he hears one of Lenny’s business associates has been found dead, Stevie suspects someone close to the Murdochs has blood on their hands. Stevie visits Gordon Harris in jail and is shocked to discover the truth – that Lenny is now a target.

Later, when Poppy bares her feelings for Stevie, he decides he must walk away from the Murdoch Empire. But first, he needs to save Lenny.

Elsewhere, Caitlin’s not keen to celebrate her 40th birthday but Ellie, Maggie and Ruby have other ideas. When Ellie reveals a letter that a 16 year-old Caitlin wrote, Caitlin realises how different her life actually turned out, making her feel unfulfilled.

Desperate to lift Caitlin’s spirits and mark her big birthday, the McLean family join forces to make her birthday bucket list come true. Bob’s plans to enjoy a quiet day to himself are thwarted by family obligations. Things go from bad to worse when the McLean’s birthday celebrations cast a shadow with only Nicole there for him.


Stevie is played by Iain Robertson
Poppy is played by Lindsey Campbell
Lenny is played by Frank Gallagher
Caitlin is played by Gayle Telfer Stevens
Bob is played by Stephen Purdon
Gordon is played Harris by Gavin Wright
Ellie is played by Leah MacRae
Maggie is played by Kathryn Howden
Ruby is played by Zindzi Hudson
Nicole is played by Holly Jack

This episode airs on BBC Scotland – Monday 11th November 2019 at 10PM