You know that feeling when you are on the golf course everything is set and you are just about to tee off, but instead of swinging for that golf ball you aim the club at the head of the brother of the rapist who ruined the life of the sister whose brother you were married to but is now in jail? Ok just Aaron then.

It’s bad enough for Aaron that he has lost his husband but now he faces seeing both Wendy and Luke every day as they have moved into the area.

Aaron continues to torment Wendy next week when he arrives at the surgery where she is working and later has to be dragged off Luke by Wendy.

Later she is followed by a car she is sure is being driven by Aaron but is it?

Back in the village things look to turn deadly when Aaron in a fit of rage walks toward Luke with a golf club, and we don’t think he is about to play 18 holes with him.

Aaron is out of control, could he soon be joining Robert inside?

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 9th December on ITV.