Emmerdale spoilers: Wednesday 4th December 2019

A conflicted Chas attempts to keep the peace.

Noah’s suspicions are raised.

Kim tells Graham that she’ll grant him the divorce but she wants something in return, for him to leave the village.

When Cain reiterates he’s still not going to let Moira see the kids, she is determined to prove she’s a fit mother.

At the cricket pavilion Danny tries to offer Sarah some pills. Will Noah Tate intervene?


Michelle Hardwick as Vanessa Woodfield
Emma Atkins as Charity Dingle
Katie Hill as Sarah Sugden
Jack Downham as Noah Dingle
Danny Miller as Aaron Dingle
Natalie J. Robb as Moira Dingle
Lucy Pargeter as Chas Dingle
Elizabeth Estensen as Diane Sugden
Louis Healy as Danny
Andy Moore as Pc Swirling
Alexander Lincoln as Jamie Tate
Willow Bell as Millie Tate
Zoe Henry as Rhona Goskirk
Andrew Scarborough as Graham Foster
Jurell Carter as Nate Robinson
Isabel Hodgins as Victoria Barton
Anthony Quinlan as Pete Barton
Susan Cookson as Wendy Posner
Max Parker as Luke Posner
Nick Miles as Jimmy King
Nicola Wheeler as Nicola King
Judith Barker as Agatha
Lesley Dunlop as Brenda Walker
Jeanette Percival as Beth
Anna Nightingale as Andrea Tate
Claire King as Kim Tate
Karen Blick as Lydia Hart
Natalie Ann Jamieson as Amy Wyatt

Emmerdale airs at 7pm on ITV.

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