The Crash Detectives on BBC Wales

After any serious incident on the road, a painstaking investigation must take place to work out the cause of the crash. BBC Wales cameras have been given exclusive access inside the cordon to capture the work of Gwent Police’s dedicated forensic collision investigation unit as they piece together the evidence to get to the truth behind every incident.

In the first episode of a brand new series of The Crash Detectives, three cyclists have been struck by a car in Monmouthshire, and it soon becomes clear that it’s a hit and run. With no witnesses – other than the riders involved – one of the victims is left fighting for her life. It’s up to forensic collision investigator Pc Richie Wyatt to find the evidence to work out how the crash happened.

And when mystery surrounds the death of a delivery driver on a busy dual carriageway, it’s up the team to establish just why his vehicle left the road. 

Forensic collision investigator Pc Chris Goddard says: “There’s a story that’s indelibly written into the road surface and the crashed car. Unless you do all this work, you just don’t get the answers. You have to do this so you can answer those questions when they come, because they will come.”

The Crash Detectives return to BBC One Wales on Monday 20th January at 8:30

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