River City spoilers: Monday 27th January 2020

This week in Shieldinch…Lou’s under pressure to do Rory’s dirty work at all costs; Caitlin takes a big risk to reconnect with Ruby; and Scarlett works hard to boost her election prospects.

Lou’s horrified when Rory urges her to take Sneddon’s place in the local protection racket. Adamant Rory can trust her, Lou is put to the test when Rory demands she retrieve money from Ellie and AJ. Lou feels compromised but goes along with the orders.

However, Lou doesn’t bank on Ellie rejecting the offer. Knowing drastic measures need to be taken, Lou arranges for the Oyster to be attacked but is horrified when her father, Sonny, is injured in the crossfire. When tensions rise between warring siblings Rory and Alex, Lou plays a pivotal, and violent, role much to Eve’s horror.

Elsewhere, Caitlin’s desperate to get Ruby back home but her daughter is determined to wait for Joe to return, not realising he’s dead. Caitlin’s attempts to reach out to Ruby fail so she plays a dangerous game – sending messages from Joe’s phone, urging Ruby to forget him and move on.

Things quickly escalate when Maggie discovers what Caitlin is doing and makes her promise to destroy the phone. However, Cailtin can’t stop communicating with her daughter even if it is under false pretences.

Scarlett’s desperate to be elected as a local councillor but struggles to be taken seriously. She enlists the help of Poppy to make her more electable and eloquent but it backfires and the old Scarlett quickly resurfaces – with surprising results.


  • Lou if played by Lesley Hart
  • Rory by David Paisley
  • Caitlin by Gayle Telfer Stevens
  • Ruby by Zindzi Hudson
  • Scarlett by Sally Howitt
  • Ellie by Leah MacRae
  • AJ by Sanjeev Kohli
  • Suzie by Juliet Cadzow
  • Sonny by Jimmy Chisholm
  • Alex by Jordan Young
  • Eve by Victoria Liddelle
  • Bernie by Barbara Rafferty
  • Dylan by Sean Connor
  • Stevie by Ian Robertson
  • Lenny by Frank Gallagher
  • Maggie by Kathryn Howden
  • Poppy by Lindsey Campbell
  • Amandeep by Sanjeev Kohli

This episode airs on BBC Scotland – Monday 27th January 2020 at 10pm and Tuesday 28th January at 8pm.

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