River City spoilers: Monday 3rd February 2020

This week in Shieldinch… Stevie’s romantic plans for Poppy are jeopardised when he interferes with her work, a grieving Kim tries to move on by getting back to her work, and Dylan attempts to play peacemaker between Eve and Lou.

Stevie decides to take his relationship with Poppy to the next level by asking her to move in with him. Madonna and Bernie offer their own unique advice on how to make this proposal as romantic as possible – with mixed results.

(Picture: BBC)

Stevie’s plans are thwarted when he bursts in on Poppy with her latest client: gang member Maisie Evans. Knowing her dangerous connections to Rory, Stevie puts his foot down, demanding Poppy drop Maisie.

Poppy takes issue with Stevie’s controlling behaviour and the couple’s strained relationship abruptly comes to an end. But when Maisie starts to show her sinister true colours, Stevie tries to protect Poppy.

Elsewhere, grieving for her mother and not working, Kim’s at a loss what to do with herself. When Angus takes Mackenzie out for the day, Kim makes an excuse to visit the health centre, offering to help a flustered Suzie with her workload. Suzie initially refuses but Kim won’t take no for an answer. However her professionalism is quickly tested when Nicole arrives as a patient in need of care.

Desperate to break the tension between Eve and Lou, Dylan tries to play peacemaker for his mum and half-sister. However, oblivious to the reasons for their divide, his actions force the pair into an uneasy truce – but Dylan isn’t fooled.


  • Stevie is played by Iain Robertson
  • Poppy by Lindsey Campbell
  • Kim by Frances Thorburn
  • Dylan by Sean Connor
  • Eve by Victoria Liddelle
  • Lou by Lesley Hart
  • Madonna by Siena Glackin
  • Bernie by Barbara Rafferty
  • Maisie Evans by Amy Kennedy
  • Rory by David Paisley
  • Angus by Scott Fletcher
  • Suzie by Juliet Cadzow
  • Nicole by Holly Jack.

This episode airs on BBC Scotland – Monday 3rd February at 10pm and Wednesday 5th February at 8pm.

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