Daniel attends lunch at La Maison Centrale, a pop-up restaurant run as part of an experimental rehabilitation programme at HMP Letherbank.

If the lunch goes well the programme will receive funding

Kathy (Kate Anthony) the chaplain, who has a vital say in the project, is sceptical about the use of resources, and about the potential to rehabilitate the inmates.

(Picture: BBC) Kathy played by Kate Anthony

Jermaine is the chef, and Spoons is the maitre d’ at La Maison Centrale, and when they lock horns, Kathy’s low opinion of the men and the project seems to be confirmed.

(Picture: BBC)

When Jermaine has to be treated by Daniel for a serious burn on his hand, Kathy is convinced this is an example of why the inmates can’t be trusted to run their own restaurant. Can the prisoners change her mind?

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