Doctors spoilers: Thursday 6th February 2020

While at reception with Karen, Zara gets a text from Joe’s school asking her to attend a children’s internet safety session. She moans to Karen about how often the school get in touch with her about some initiative or another, and determines not to attend this latest one.

(Picture: BBC)

Ashleigh and Damien White have just brought home their new baby. They seem to be struggling a bit as Ashleigh tells Damien she can’t seem to bond with the new born, Rory. The couple have a terrible theory about why Ashleigh may not have bonded and head to see Ruhma to seek the truth. At The Mill, Damien tells Ruhma what her and Ashleigh suspect – that their baby might have been swapped at the hospital! Ruhma assures them there’s almost no possibility this could’ve happened but says she’ll look into it to be sure.

(Picture: BBC)

After the success of Ayesha’s coffee morning, Bear calls her in for a meeting. Their first attempt to talk about things goes badly, when Bear can’t seem to get away from his phone for three seconds. It’s rude and doesn’t sit at all well with Ayesha. Later in the day, Bear attempts to make it up to her and offers to take her to The Icon for lunch. Once they’re there, Ayesha is surprised by their apparent chemistry – Bear’s funny and charming.

(Picture: BBC)

Doctors airs weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One

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