Daniel and Joe spend some quality time together at Daniel’s house making pancakes. While they’re doing so, Daniel takes a call from Rob about Jimmi. The call peaks Joe’s interests and Daniel finds himself trying to explain how good people can end up in prison.

Al continues to torment Bear about his blood phobia but is convinced to stop after Bear manages to acquire him tickets to a local beer festival. While this is going on, Bear and Al get talking about the inconvenience of patients cancelling their appointments – and the knock on effect this has on the NHS.

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Rosa Russo is a single parent trying to support her daughter Gracie. Today marks the anniversary of Rosa losing her leg in a road accident, she now wears a prosthetic. Rosa hides her relationship with a man named Marcus from Gracie.

(Picture: BBC)

Tech savvy Al sets about finding a solution to the problem and becomes extremely pleased with himself when he designs a new app that he claims could predict when patients are going to cancel.

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