Doctors spoilers: Monday 10th February 2020

A new week beings in Doctors and brings with it plenty of drama to keep you hooked.

Jake (Tom Briggs) is a vlogger who’s noticed his following increase dramatically since he started talking about his Lyme disease online.

Jake takes fellow blogger Willow Jewell (Laura Noble) with him to see Zara for a check-up about his Lyme disease. She’s sceptical about the idea of a health and wellness coach and makes her feelings clear.

(Picture: BBC)

Jimmi apologises to struggling inmate Ash after failing to provide counselling for him a few weeks ago. Ash tells Jimmi that he’s feeling a bit better, mainly due to the help he’s getting from Daniel. He isn’t getting his hopes up yet though.

(Picture: BBC)

At The Mill, Bear and Ayesha pick up where they left off with their flirty new relationship. Their lack of subtlety draws the attention of Sid and Karen.

(Picture: BBC)

Later, Angus (Roger May), Jake’s father goes to visit Zara, expressing how concerned he is about what Willow is giving his son. At The Mill, Zara and Angus watch one of Jake and Willow’s live Q&A’s about Willow’s Serenity Herbal Detox formula and become alarmed when Jake passes out!

Doctors airs at 1:45pm on BBC One.

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