Al’s new Q Forecast app has been implemented at The Mill and it’s ruining Karen’s day. She tells Al that the system keeps double booking patients to which Al replies that’s its purpose: the app will predict when someone isn’t going to show up and book someone else in their place. It doesn’t quite seem to be working like that though as reception becomes flooded with patients all claiming to have an appointment.

(Picture: BBC)

Using the cover of a work survey, Bear asks Karen if Ayesha is single. He gets his wires crossed slightly when she tells him that Ayesha used to live with Emma and his first thought is to assume that they were an item!

Rob comes into contact with a familiar face when a boy named Dylan is arrested for mugging a woman named Kate (Amy Robbins). At the station, Dylan insists it was Kate that did the mugging!

(Picture: BBC)

In the FME room, Kate tells Emma that her son’s killer still hasn’t been found, and she suspects Dylan.

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