Doctors turns 20 this month and celebrates its birthday with a big Episode promising drama but if you can be forgiving for not knowing this show even exists in the daytime schedules of BBC One. Doctors has for Many years now got by with Soap websites and TV Mags giving it such little publicity. This is a shame as Doctors is both full of comedy and heartbreaking stories.

One of Eddie Redmayne’s first TV appearance was in Doctors during 2003 (Picture: BBC)

One of the joys of Doctors is that much like ITV’s The Bill it is a show that has seen not only established actors and actresses perform roles over the years but is a platform for many stars that have gone on to be major TV and Hollywood stars.

From Doctors to Doctor Who. Long before she became a timelord one of Jodie Whittaker’s first TV roles was in Doctors back in 2006 (Picture: BBC)

The constant stream of guest actors keeps the show fresh and gives a uniqueness to each episode.

Another point of Doctors is that while it may be on during the day it doesn’t shy away from putting out some hard-hitting drama and covering topical issues. A 3-part story airing this week involves rapes which is something Doctors hasn’t shied away from airing over the years. With everything from domestic abuse to homelessness Doctors has covered a multitude of important topics over the years while still remaining a underappreciated show.

Doctors is also the soap that likes to do things a little differently and has over the years played around with the format an example of this being Shakespeare week in 2016.

Doctors in 2016 aired a week of shows with each inspired by a Shakespeare sonnet (Picture: BBC)

Further back was Jane Austen week in 2013 when Doctors went all out to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Pride And Prejudice.

You would never see this in another soap (Picture: BBC)

So Happy Anniversary to Doctors and here is to the next 20 years.

Doctors continues weekdays at 1:45 on BBC One