Karen rushes to Abz when she calls her and without saying Abz implies she has been raped. Karen advices her not to touch to touch anything and calls Rob who takes a look around and finds some pills in the bathroom which Abz says are not hers.

Emma examines Abz but since she has showered there wasn’t much evidence.

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Slater interviews Abz on tape, Rob and Karen present. She describes the night out, who with, what happened. It’s horrible as she describes in detail the event.

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Lex visits, they are starting a campaign to make women safe on campus.

Rob tells Karen that Slater had a sexual allegation against him.

Rob is suspicious when he sees a cut on Mal’s hand.

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Karen discovers that Abz has lied about her mother’s death, and also that she has a history of fabrications…


  • Amy Bowden as Abz Baker
  • Patrick Fitzsymons as DI Nick Slater
  • Davin Ansel as Liam Austen
  • Joe Ashman as Jaime ‘Mal’ Malinson
  • Eleanor House as Lex Whitmore

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