Daniel’s attempt to give Jimmi a reality check doesn’t go to plan and Zara distracts a brooding Emma with a shocking confession.

An upbeat Jimmi tells Daniel that his witness is looking dodgy so there’s a good chance the trial will collapse and he’ll soon be out of prison. He gets upset when Daniel tries to remind him that he’s still got a mountain to climb before he can possibly be released.

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Emma is appalled but deduces that Zara still has strong feelings for Daniel and Zara admits she’s probably blown any chance of them reuniting now.

Delivery driver Barbara takes a call from her partner Jack but her delight is marred by a sharp pain in her knee. As she arrives at the Campus with a delivery her knee gives way and she falls. Valerie helps her inside and insists on getting Sid to examine her.

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On route to get his lunch Sid sees Barbara struggling to carry a box into a Uni building. He is shocked she has ignored his advice and is still working.

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Later, Jasmin comes into the Mill and presents Emma with a massive bouquet of flowers. She insists that she doesn’t care that Emma is going through the menopause and apologises for being such a cow. She asks Emma if they can start over…

Guest Cast

  • Rosie Ede as Barbara Wilton
  • Lara Sawalha as Jasmine Dajani
  • Jonas Khan as Leon Sharma
  • Brian Lonsdale as Jack Faircombe

Doctors airs weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One

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