It’s the night of the lock in at the Icon, and Al is excited. But as soon as he arrives, his expectations are dampened.

Jimmi gets a new cell mate who challenges him to a game of cards. Winner gets to ask a question of the loser.

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Emma fills Jasmine in on everyone.

Daniel and Zara reminisce.

Jasmine and Valerie have a lip sync battle.

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Al raises a glass to absent friends.

Zara laments to Daniel that she’s lost her wing woman.

When it looks like Daniel and Zara are getting on famously, she lets slip something that causes Daniel to realise that she has seen his private recorded therapy sessions.

She says no one else saw them. The argument escalates until it is a furious one, they realise everyone has switched off the silent disco music and are listening in.

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Guest Cast

  • Tony McGeever as Josh Tharil
  • Lara Sawalha as Jasmine Dajani

Doctors airs weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One