Rob and Karen have to deal with new developments in relation to Abz, while Zara continues to have car dramas.

Karen tells Rob about Abz’ apparent lies. That she has been acting like nothing happened.

Slater pushes and pushes, finding flaws in her story, and eventually Abz admits that nothing happened, she made it all up.

(Picture: BBC)

Rob’s job in jeopardy.

Zara feels humiliated. And to make matters worse, people have egged her car, thinking it is Karen’s car, because of Karen’s association with Abz.

(Picture: BBC)

Karen sees another patient, Erin, with similar wounds to Abz and says she has to ask her a difficult question.

(Picture: BBC)

Meanwhile, Abz finds herself at a train station, and makes her way on to a bridge, distraught that she is now totally isolated…


  • Amy Bowden as Abz Baker
  • Anna Krippa as Charlie Green
  • Awen Jones as Erin Wyn-Davies
  • Eleanor House as Lex Whitmore
  • Jasmine Stewart as Polly Haines
  • Joe Ashman as Jaime ‘Mal’ Malinson
  • Patrick Fitzsymons as DI Nick Slater

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