Doctors spoilers: Shadow of Doubt Part Three – Thursday 5th March 2020

Karen tracks down Abz to get her to tell her the truth, while Rob is in trouble with his bosses.

Karen desperately calls Abz, who apologises for her lying. Karen just wants to find her. She tracks her down to the railway bridge. Abz tells Karen she was raped and Karen believes her.

Karen goes to Lex, to tell her what’s happened. Has anything come of the campaign?

(Picture: BBC)

Rob is being given a dressing down by the Chief Superintendent, but it is interrupted by a rampaging Zara, who says she has evidence to prove that a serious error has been made.

(Picture: BBC)

Lex says that Mal has a scar on his neck, from when he had leukaemia as a child.

Slater makes an arrest.

(Picture: BBC)


  • Amy Bowden as Abz Baker
  • Awen Jones as Erin Wyn-Davies
  • Davin Ansel as Liam Austen
  • Joe Ashman as Jaime ‘Mal’ Malinson
  • Eleanor House as Lex Whitmore
  • Patrick Fitzsymons as DI Nick Slater

Part One of this story and Part Two Doctors airs at 1:45 on BBC One.

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