Daniel is hoping for a fun day with Joe but Zara has arranged a long list of appointments at him for Joe.

At the opticians, the sales assistant, Bryan starts chatting to Daniel. He recognises a fellow weekend dad in Daniel.

As Daniel and Joe are on the way to the dentist Bryan suddenly appears and gets into the car. Daniel tries to get him out but doesn’t want to frighten Joe.

(Picture: BBC)

Investigating a report of vandalism, Jasmine catches the vandal, Megan red handed. When she is told she won’t be arrested, Megan shoves Jasmine and legs it.

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Daniel loses control of the car and comes to in a ditch but Bryan and Joe are missing.

(Picture: BBC)

Later that evening after they tuck Joe in to bed, Zara can’t bear to let Daniel leave…


  • Karina Holnes as Megan Turner
  • Lara Sawalha as Jasmine Dajani
  • Ed Coleman as Bryan Garner

Doctors airs at 1:45 on BBC One.

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