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Daniel and Zara have fun trying to keep a secret from everyone and a determined Bear returns from his break.

Al takes centre-stage to help the owner of his favourite pub whose life is falling apart.

Al is delighted to see Rick, he’s the landlord of his favourite pub. Rick explains to Al that he thinks the shaking is a sign of early onset Parkinson’s – just like his dad.

Daniel and Zara are nearly caught in the act by Emma, but fast thinking Zara slaps Daniel in the face and storms out.

Bear would like Daniel and Zara to end his probationary period, they agree. All has to do is have a serious talk with Ayesha.

(Picture: BBC)

Guest Cast

  • Rick Bacon as Rick Gilmartin
  • Stewart Wright asKeith Gilmartin
  • Laura Medforth as Cheryl Heaton

Doctors airs at 1:45 on BBC One.

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