Coronation Street spoilers: Roy shows support for Nina after derogatory comments are made

Monday 9th March Episode One

Roy hosts a meeting with fellow bat watchers, Herman, Dave and Farooq. When he introduces Nina, they’re horrified by her attire and deeply suspicious of her motives.

Monday 9th March Episode Two

When Nina presents her homemade bat boxes to the group, Herman, Dave and Farooq are begrudgingly impressed whilst Roy is proud of her efforts. When the bat watchers make derogatory remarks about Nina’s dress sense, Roy takes umbrage and resigns from the group.  Brian steps down too out of solidarity.

(Picture: ITV)

Wednesday 11th March Episode One

When an excited Nina tells Carla how they’re meeting the group later to put up the bat boxes, Roy lies and tells her the meeting’s cancelled. Nina’s hugely disappointed. Having discovered the bat meeting hasn’t been cancelled at all, Nina wonders if Roy’s ashamed to be seen with her. 

Wednesday 11th March Episode Two

Nina confronts Roy who admits he was simply trying to spare her feelings. Having stacked the bat boxes in the Woodie, Roy and Nina head off for an evening’s bat watching.

Coronation Street airs next week at 7:30 and 8:30 on Monday and Wednesday on ITV with a one-hour episode on Friday 13th March.

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