Emmerdale spoilers: Double crossing and other Emmerdale spoilers

As you will have undoubtedly heard by now Emmerdale have cut their weekly episode count to three to try and ensure a continual number of episodes during the pandemic and below airs Monday 30th March, Wednesday 1st April and Friday 3rd April on ITV.

Following the recent incident with Dan it is Pollard who tries to help make peace between him and Brenda but Mandy just won’t let it drop and sets out to prove Brenda is the person responsible. Later, after diving through the cafe trash, Mandy finds the evidence she needs to prove Brenda is behind Dan’s condition. Is this another money making opportunity for Mandy or will she see sense?

Bin there done that. (Picture: ITV)

Vanessa returns home after her operation and and Charity is trying really hard to do what she can which upon seeing leaves Vanessa welling up.

It may be curtains for Will when Billy and Cain discover the 4×4 from Malone, they were keeping this as an insurance policy against the bent copper, has been stolen by Will.

I hope he wrote a will (Picture: ITV)

Rhona and Moira go into business together which leaves Kim furious.

It’s a mucky job but someone has to do it (Picture: ITV)

Al opens up to Priya and she softens to him. Al is less keen on keeping things professional and things get steamy between the pair just as Jai arrives back.

Jai arrives as things get passionate (Picture: ITV)

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