Classic Coronation Street episodes coming to Britbox

Here is a list of the Coronation Street episodes coming to Britbox from 14th May 2020 (subject to changes).

Britbox UK costs £5.99 a month and has a 30 day free trial.

Episode 435 (10th February 1965)

Florrie is surprised to be reunited with her husband Norman Lindley.

Episode 1284 (7th May 1973)

The caterers grudingly agree to put on food for Annie’s official party at the Rovers. Billy cries off from the installment, as does Len, with flu.

Episode 1305 (18th July 1973)

Alf tells the police everything, but Leach has already been arrested

Episode 1469 (17th February 1975)

Hilda offers her services to a horrified Gordon. Alf gives Rita some perfume as a thankyou. Gordon wants Blanche to run the shop for him. Deirdre thinks it’s a great idea.

Episode 2002 (9th June 1980)

Gail suffers from morning sickness. Eddie sells a hanging chair to Mavis for £20. Bert tells Brian he feels they won’t be able to afford the mortgage.

Episode 2164 (28th December 1981)

Sylvie calls on Mike whilst visiting her parents as her mother is ill with a heart problem. Eddie tells Annie about a pub which has started a happy hour.

Episode 2535 (17th July 1985)

Andrea breaks down and tells Connie she’s having a baby. Connie tells her that it’s not the end of the world.

Episode 2637 (9th July 1986)

Jenny auditions for Alec, singing “What I Did for Love”.

Episode 2945 (19th June 1989)

Ken is pleased as the Recorder is beating the Gazette free sheet.

Episode 5694 (16th February 2004)

Chaos breaks out as Tracy angrily asserts to Roy and Hayley that she would never have slept with Roy. Steve can’t deny to Karen that everything’s true, and she locks herself into the vestry.

Episode 5765 (24th May 2004)

Gail and Eileen have a slanging match on the Street which results in a fight.

Episode 5899 (24th November 2004)

The street goes with a bang thanks to Maya.

Episode 7484 (6th December 2010)

An explosion at The Joinery causes havoc on Coronation Street.

Episode 8946 (15th July 2016)

Kylie dies in David’s arms in what is one of the most heartbreaking Coronation Street scenes ever.

Episode 9451/9452 (9th May 2018)

David insists on attending court without his family. Johnny makes an upsetting discovery. Shona solves a long-running mystery.


  1. Does anyone know if these episodes are coming today as the new ones released are different, i have only checked the early ones though? Thanks


  2. Ok thanks, is there a website which releases info on upcoming additions to Britbox as this was the first time i read they released info on new episodes were coming soon, previously i just saw them appear. I have contacted them a few times to add Coronation Street from the beginning and they just reply they will forward the request on.


  3. I have just found the ITV press site which lists upcoming content so i will keep an eye on that. I just hope as its the 60th anniversary this year they do release complete years. I only need from 1960-1976. Thanks again


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