Coronation Street spoilers: Monday 10 – Friday 14 August 2020

Monday August 10th

STEVE IS HANGRY Worried about Oliver and clearly on edge, Steve calls in the cafe for a sausage barm. When Nina explains that they’re having a veggie day, a furious Steve storms out returning later brandishing a packet of sausages. Toyah meets up with Karen the social worker. Karen promises to put the fostering wheels in motion once she’s received the reference from Leanne.

TIME IS TICKING FOR GARY Adam is stunned to find out from Bernie that the watch had the name Rick engraved on the back and that she found it in the woods and that Gary seemed keen to get his hands on it. Adam tells Imran about the watch and how he’s more convinced than ever that Gary murdered Rick Neelan. Sarah is caught out when Craig returns her bag from the accident scene and Adam walks in to find her holding the watch.

SALLY SURPRISES ALYA Alya confides in Imran that she’s decided to sell her share of Speed Daal in order to distance herself from Geoff. Imran’s shocked. Alya visits Yasmeen in hospital and tells her about Elaine’s disappearance and how she and Sally suspect Geoff is behind it. Yasmeen asserts that whilst Geoff is at large, she feels safer in prison. Sally suggests Alya should buy Geoff out and offers her the wedding money, pointing out that it was rightfully Yasmeen’s money anyway.

CHESNEY HAS A STARRING ROLE Chesney descends the stairs naked from the waist up and carrying his shirt covered in baby sick. He’s mortified to discover Gemma live streaming her vlog, convinced he’ll be a laughing stock.

Wednesday August 12th

Adam orders Sarah to tell him everything she knows about Gary and Rick Neelan. With little choice, Sarah admits to Adam that if Gary did kill Rick then he did it to protect her and her family. How will Adam react?

LEANNE IS THERE FOR STEVE Leanne enters the cafe to find Steve conducting a sausage protest behind the counter. Realising the stress of Oliver’s condition is getting to him, Leanne gently ushers him out. Having taken Steve back to No.1, Leanne cooks the sausages and assures him it’s fine to get upset over Oliver and he can always talk to her. Steve takes comfort from her words.

GEOFF SEES RED OVER SALLY’S ACTIONS When Geoff refuses to let Alya buy him out she takes great delight in telling him that Sally was giving her the money that he gave them for the wedding, Geoff is furious. How will Tim react?

GEMMA GETS A MESSAGE FROM AN OLD FRENEMY Gemma checks her vlog page to discover that somebody using the name VAN87 has messaged her. Despite Chesney’s words of warning, Gemma agrees to a video chat. Gemma makes her video call and is surprised to discover that VAN87 is Vanessa from Baby Senses. Will Gemma give her another chance?

Friday August 14th

Emma and Carla help and excited Maria prepare for her wedding. When Audrey is forced to cry off with a stomach bug, Maria asks David to witness her wedding instead. Having been goaded by Adam, Gary calls at number 8 to ask Sarah exactly what she told him. Sarah insists she told him nothing but Adam is convinced she is still in love with Gary. There is a charged moment.

Sally apologises to Tim for giving Alya the money without consulting him but assures him they can still afford a wedding. A spiteful Geoff tells Sally that Tim will always choose him over her as blood is thicker than water.

BERNIE INTERFERES AGAIN Gemma tells Cathy about her video call with Vanessa and what a tough time she’s having. Ignoring everyone’s warning about treading carefully, Gemma arranges to meet Vanessa but Bernie has other ideas.

ABI HAS A CHANGE OF HEART Abi tells Seb that she now realises she has to say goodbye to the twins before they leave and begs him to speak to the social worker on her behalf.

ELSEWHERE Mary calls in the factory and shows Sean the fleecy blanket she ordered online, covered in images of Ben Shephard. She explains that Ben is the love of her life but she’s willing to share him. Sean’s speechless.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 on ITV.

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