Emmerdale Picture spoilers: Monday 10 – Friday 14 August 2020

Monday 10th August 2020

Dawn and Billy make a plan.

Belle’s troubled when Jamie turns up to the vets in a terrible state. He begs Belle to hear him out as he tries to explain he still has feelings for her but that Andrea’s been blackmailing him. He finally bites the bullet and explains to Belle it was him behind Moira’s hit and run and Belle is left reeling from his revelation. She threatens to go to the police and is surprised he seems almost relieved by the idea.

Gaz [KEM HASSAN] boasts he’s on his way to meet a loose woman for a date and David panics to realise it’s Leyla. He’s confused given she is back with Liam. Soon Jacob and Liam are baffled to learn about this hook up and can only watch in shock as they see Gaz approach Leyla across the village.

Leyla hears a noise in the Take a Vow office and is blind-sided by a dark clad figure who jumps out at her. Leyla manages to strike a blow, but the assailant escapes.

Mandy’s convinced she needs to stop things with Paul and asks Lydia to help her.

Wednesday 12th August 2020

It is not long before the penny finally drops for Leyla who her tormentor is.

Dawn discovers Harriet Finch and Malone’s affair. The reality of the situation hits Dawn like a train and she declares she’ll tell Will about Harriet’s affair, unless Harriet does first.

Friday 14th August 2020

Dawn arrives at the police station and informs PC Swirling that she wants to launch a report against a senior policeman, realising there’s no going back now.

Nate suggests he skip work to support Tracy, Tracy’s concerned as he’s already on a warning, but Nate cancels his meeting all the same. Will he come to regret it?

Emmerdale airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7pm on ITV.

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