A happy ever after?

Coronation Street: Here comes the bride… 2 meters away from the groom

Spoilers/Review below for Monday’s (17th August) visit to Coronation Street.

I do for Gary and Maria (Picture: ITV)

In the battle of wife vs dad, it was about time we at long last have Tim listening to and accepting Sally’s side. It feels so good seeing Geoff slowly lose his allies. Although, I suspect that without Sally on the street we’ll see a lot more nastiness from Geoff aimed at Alya.

I cheered when Tim finally started listening to Sally (Picture: ITV)

I can’t help feel for Adam stuck in the middle of all this between Gary and Sarah. Part of me says he should run away as fast as possible, the other part of me wants to bang their heads together and shout “get a grip.” Adam had a jealous streak when it cameto Gary before he got married so to throw away this already just shows me that they don’t really work.

Stunts are one thing but a socially distanced wedding is a whole new challenge and I think it works quite well, except of course where wide camera shots make it blatantly clear that the couple getting hitched are standing 2 meters apart.

Till death do us part… (Picture: ITV)

Credit where it is due in these times tho for the editing which made the act of exchanging rings work quite well.

Coronation Street continues Wednesday 19th August at 7.30pm on ITV.

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