Abi, David, Shona, Leanne, Nick and Asha in Corrie

Coronation Street spoilers: Monday 21 – Friday 25 September 2020


ABI’S PARENTING SKILLS HIT THE WRONG NOTE Abi continues to struggle to make amends with Kevin but her attempts at helping Jack backfire when she tells Jack to tackle bullies giving him a hard time at school and he attacks Hope. Kevin makes it clear he doesn’t trust her parenting. Convinced she has blown it with Kevin, Abi goes into self destruct mode and takes a bottle of whiskey into the Rovers yard. 

DANIEL STRUGGLES TO KEEP THINGS PLATONIC WITH NICKY Daniel insists to Kirk and Adam that Nicky is just a friend. But neither are convinced. Daniel’s pleased when Nicky turns up at his flat with sandwiches for their lunch and tells Daniel there’s a job going at her aunt’s B&B in Lytham if she could only clear her enormous debts. Thanking Daniel for helping her to dream again, Nicky leans in closer will Daniel be able to resist? 

NICK COMES THROUGH FOR LEANNE As Emma recruits sponsors for her silence, Leanne fears they will never raise enough cash to fund the German treatment. Leanne’s overwhelmed when Nick offers to sell his shares in Underworld to raise cash for Oliver’s treatment, unaware of the secret he is keeping about his son.  


DEBBIE HAS HER EYE ON ABI Abi returns home to face the music but is dumbstruck when Kevin suggests they should draw a line under the past and start again. But when a suspicious Debbie sees Abi meet up with Peter in the ginnel she demands to know what is going on. Carla’s ears prick up when Jenny lets slip that Peter’s been calming Abi. Peter reveals he’s told Abi he won’t help her any more. Carla hopes she got the message.

STEVE HAS A PLAN TO RAISE SOME CASH Tracy is worried when Steve suggests that if Nick is selling his shares in Underworld he and Tracy should sell Streetcars and the florist to find Oliver’s treatment.

IS DANIEL ASHAMED OF NICKY Daniel bids farewell to a smitten Nicky outside the tram stop. As he turns to leave, Kirk approaches and reveals Beth is inconsolable with worry about Bertie. Daniel promises Kirk he has no intention of replacing Sinead with a meaningless sex worker. 

ELSEWHERE Billy tells Mary that he’s hired a private detective to hunt for Todd. George calls in the flower shop and orders a bouquet for Mary to prove he’s truly sorry for upsetting her.  Mary melts.


DANIEL WANTS A REAL ROMANCE Adam’s horrified to learn that Daniel slept with Nicky and strongly advises him to steer clear of her. Daniel refuses to listen and asks Nicky if they can have a proper relationship and suggests he could help her to quit escorting. 

PETER CROSSES SWORDS WITH DEBBIE Peter asks Abi not to tell anyone she made a play for him as he doesn’t want Carla finding out. Hiding her guilt, Abi promises. Peter’s furious when Debbie corners him and, ordering him to stay well away from Abi, threatens to tell Carla he’s been on the prowl again.

THE TODD MYSTERY DEEPENS Lenny the private detective informs Billy he traced the girl who posed as Todd who admitted they had teamed up to scam a local gangster. Todd never came home one day and has been missing for weeks. Billy instantly fears Todd’s dead whilst Paul forms a plan.

ELSEWHERE Mary and Brian fall out over the identity of a flower and bar each other from their shops. Michael and Toyah’s bid to keep a client occupied in Sarah’s absence results in the client walking out.


ABI AND PETER MAKE A PACT Peter berates Abi for confiding in Debbie and resolves to come clean to Carla before Debbie blabs. Panicked, Abi begs him not to, worried that Kevin will find out too. For the sake of her relationship with Kevin, Peter promises Abi he will say nothing to Carla. Abi’s relieved while Peter admits he values having her to understand his addiction demons.

DANIEL RESORTS TO DESPERATE MEASURES Daniel is determined to help Nicky but Adam is not convinced with Daniel’s plan to rescue her from a life of vice. When Geoff comes into Adam’s office asking for info on Yasmeen’s case Daniel can’t help but berate him for using vulnerable sex workers, Geoff storms out but returns having left behind an envelope. Daniel reiterates his contempt for him. 

PAUL IS ON A MISSION Paul reveals to Billy he’s contacted the Gazette who are willing to run a story on Todd’s disappearance. Billy’s not sure it will yield results.

ELSEWHERE Michael is pleased when Grace stands up for him against Carla but is disappointed when Grace has to dash home to Tianna. Cathy makes Mary and Brian stop their feud.


DEBBIE GETS THE WRONG END OF THE STICK After telling Debbie and Kevin she is spending the day with Seb, Abi is reminded of a physio appointment she has and books a cab but is surprised to see Peter is her driver. When Mary mentions that she saw Peter and Abi driving off together Debbie is immediately suspicious. When Kevin arrives home, excited about booking a holiday cottage, Debbie can’t bear to keep him in the dark any longer and, with a heavy heart, reveals that Abi’s having an affair. Kevin reels and heads for the Rovers. What will he do next? Abi and Peter try to convince Carla and Kevin that there is nothing going on but Abi is forced to admit she did make a silly pass at Peter. Carla accuses Peter of tiring of a normal relationship once she was back on an even keel so he went looking for the next damsel in distress. 

THE SEARCH FOR TODD IS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE Billy and Paul worry if they have opened up a can of worms by going public in the Gazette and not telling Sean and Eileen about it. 

ADAM IS SUSPICIOUS OF DANIEL Geoff returns to Adam’s office for another look for his missing envelope of money. Adam’s perturbed to hear that Daniel’s already searched for it. Daniel visits Nicky in the hospital to find her on the mend and plans to return to work. She’s stunned when Daniel places Geoff’s envelope of cash in front of her. Will she accept? Geoff accosts Alya in the street, accusing her of stealing his cash while a guilt-ridden Daniel and a suspicious Adam look on. Adam tackles Daniel about Geoff’s missing money. Daniel denies all knowledge. Adam takes his word for it but warns against crossing Geoff. 

ELSEWHERE Michael is elated when Tianna calls him daddy but when he sees how uneasy Grace is he guesses she is worried about Tianna getting too attached to him.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV at 7:30 and 8:30 with Friday’s visit to Corrie being an hour-long.

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