Coronation Street at 60: My top 10 moments

I have been a fan for years and watched way earlier than I probably should have, starting when I was about 8 if I recall correctly. This December, Coronation Street celebrates 60 years of drama from the cobbles, and here is a list of my favorite and memorable moments.

In no particular order.

1, Richard Hillman’s reign of terror.

2, Katy Harris taking a wrench to her and dad and caving his head in.

3, Blanche, and the AA meeting, this is one of the stand-out comedy moments.

4, Mad Maya, and her kidnap of Sunita.

5, Gail vs Eileen scrapping in the street after Sarah told her mum that Todd was gay.

6, Aidan’s suicide storyline. This was perfectly played out by everyone involved and the scream when Johnny discovers Aidan is chilling. Gail’s monologue about the street and its residents was a highlight in its own right.

7, Tracy kills Charlie. I remember this one well and cheered when after all Charlie had put Shelley through he finally got the ultimate comeuppance when Tracy administered a large object to his head.

8, Corrie’s 50th-anniversary tram crash. A week of gripping viewing that through everyone into danger. Fiz had Hope while our poor Rita suffered once again because of a tram.

9, Jack Duckworth passes away. All good things come to an end but for this legendary character, a final visit and scene with wife Vera (Liz Dawn) was a heartbreaking but unforgettable way to depart the show.

10, Carla and Tony’s factory showdown. You can give Alison King any material and you know it is in safe hands. Having taken Carla hostage in the factory an unhinged Tony Gordon had planned for them both to die but Carla managed to shoot him in the shoulder and make a run for it. Unfortunately for Tony, he walked back towards the flames just before an almighty explosion put a very permanent end to his terror.

Coronation Street celebrates 60 years this December on ITV.

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