Coronation Street at 60 spoilers: Justice for Yasmeen Metcalfe as her trial comes to an end?

Coronation Street has played the long game with Yasmeen and Geoff’s storyline over the last year and has gripped viewers as they wait to see if Yasmeen will go to prison and if Geoff will get his comeuppance.

As it currently stands, Yasmeen Metcalfe is locked up and awaiting trial, after being pushed to breaking point she snapped and attacked Geoff with a broken bottle.

When Tim’s mother Elaine turned up she was scared off by Geoff and this was followed by Yasmeen having a heart attack. Yasmeen survived and during her recovery confessed to Alya that being locked up was safer for her while Geoff is free.

Coronation Street’s big 60th Anniversary week this December will see the conclusion of Yasmeen’s trial. Will justice be served or for Yasmeen and Alya is this just the start of their nightmate?

Coronation Street promises an anniversary week of big drama this December on ITV.

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