• River City
  • Monday 23 November 2020
  • BBC Scotland: 22:00

This week in Shieldinch… with Lenny missing, Jessie tries to find out what happened to her grandfather, while Paul desperately covers his tracks. Stevie unwittingly stirs up more trouble for Poppy by riling Tyler and Ruby decides to reopen the Tall Ship, while Angus spins a ridiculous web of lies to impress Rebecca.

While Rory nurses a hangover from his date with Paul, Jessie notices that Lenny’s bed hasn’t been slept in. As the family grow increasingly concerned about his whereabouts, Paul attempts to distract them, worried they’ll suss he’s responsible for Lenny’s sudden disappearance.

When Lenny’s car is discovered abandoned Alex’s suspicions are raised, and he quickly turns his attentions to an increasingly cagey Paul.

Elsewhere, Angus is delighted when Rebecca turns up at the garage. In a desperate attempt to impress, Angus lies about all the fundraising for the NHS he’s been doing. When Kim overhears this she can’t resist having a little fun – at Angus’ expense.

Poppy reels when Tyler tells her Stevie threatened him. Furious, she storms into the Jailbirds to confront her boyfriend, who goes on the defensive. Stevie drowns his sorrows, confiding in Cameron how unhappy he is.

Ruby sets her sights on reopening the Tall Ship while her mother, Caitlin, fights Covid in hospital.

However, when Maggie overhears Ruby being optimistic about Caitlin’s future, Maggie’s fells compelled to tell her the harsh reality of what really lies ahead for all the family.


  • Jessie is played by Kirsty Pickering
  • Paul by James Allenby-Kirk
  • Stevie by Iain Robertson
  • Poppy by Lindsey Campbell
  • Tyler by Cameron Fulton
  • Ruby by Zindzi Hudson
  • Angus by Scott Fletcher
  • Rebecca by Jamie Marie Leary
  • Rory by David Paisley
  • Alex by Jordan Young
  • Kim by Frances Thorburn
  • Cameron by Michael Wallace
  • Maggie by Kathryn Howden.

By Eastieoaks

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