The third and final season of Tin Star begins with Jack’s arrival to Liverpool. As he navigates the city he once knew so well we see snippets of a mysterious but gripping flashback to Jack and Angela’s past. 20 years ago in Liverpool – Angela is hunted by criminal Michael Ryan and his younger brother Danny, Anna’s father. With orders to kill Angela, Danny reluctantly corners her on a rooftop. But Jack steps out of his hiding place, disarms Danny and with Angela’s desperate consent and throws him from the building. Danny dies in Michael’s arms fifty floors below. Michael swears to kill Jack and Angela who escape with Anna.

But that was 20 years ago… and fresh from the bloodshed of last season’s spectacular finale in Canada, we find Jack hiding on a hijacked lorry and disembarking a ferry at the majestic port of Liverpool. He has no idea if his wife and daughter are alive and after an agonizing few days spent waiting for Angela at their agreed meeting place, the family have a screwball but hugely emotional reunion in a vibrant and surprising metropolis which is simultaneously a deadly trap set by the Worth’s greatest enemies yet. Here, our family must confront the ghosts of their past and end the very real threat they pose to in the present.

Anna discovers that the top name on the list of people they must kill to survive is her uncle Michael. Michael is one of the two main antagonists this season: the brother of the man who Jack threw from the rooftop twenty years ago and the unstoppable crime lord who swore bitter vengeance on her mum and dad. Once a high-level drugs broker, Michael is now a hugely successful billionaire property developer, a key player in Liverpool’s economic reboot and a close ally to Merseyside Police’s Chief Constable Catherine McKenzie. Together, Catherine and Michael have spent twenty years trying to hide a deeply disturbing (and all too realistic) crime. Since Jack is here to kill everyone associated with that crime, he can now finally afford to expose the darkest of secrets. This he does in a slow-burn reveal that unfolds throughout the next six episodes piece-by-tantalizing-piece in a season haunted by a secret history that turns out to be the key to who our characters really are

Episode Guide

Episode 1 – Homecoming

Jack arrives in Liverpool, hoping to reunite with Angela and Anna. His mission is clear – track down a list of names from his past, kill them and safeguard his family’s future. Finding his family is one thing but keeping them alive is another.

Episode 2 – Commitment

Angela comes face to face with a very personal name on the list. The Worths go on a wild night out, but there is an unexpected turn of events that not everyone will survive…

Episode 3 – Loves Young Dream

Michael and Catherine clash over their next move. The Worths’ new plan causes problems for Anna, who makes a bold and dangerous decision.

Episode 4 – Collateral

A conflicted Lunt is forced to make a choice with potentially deadly consequences. Anna’s predicament takes an unexpected turn when she is presented with an opportunity to kill Catherine. Jack and Angela’s list begins to spiral out of control.

Episode 5 – All Roads

The fallout from the Worths’ visit continues and Jack takes solace in an unexpected place. Angela’s past catches up with her as Catherine attempts a last-minute escape.

Episode 6 – Come To The Edge

Jack and Angela Worth celebrate their long-awaited wedding but Michael has a final surprise in store. A split-second decision from one of the Worths’ has fatal repercussions.

Tin Star: Liverpool airs at 9pm on December 10 on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV. All episodes will be available as a box-set.

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