Emmerdale spoilers: Faith Dingle is back as Sally Dexter reprises her role

The Dingle family will be thrown into chaos when Faith Dingle makes a return to Emmerdale next month. Acclaimed actress Sally Dexter returned to filming last week to reprise the role of faith who and will be on screen next month.

Faith, mother of Chas and Cain played by Lucy Pargeter and Jeff Hordley, was last seen leaving in a taxi after finally revealing to Cain that she was the one who drove his son Nate’s mum away when she was pregnant with him and kept this secret from him ever since. To make things worse, Cain also found out his son Nate, Jurrell Carter, was having an affair with his wife Moira, in an act of revenge to his absent father. Cain made it clear to Faith that if she didn’t leave Emmerdale he would and she emotionally accepted her fate and left.

In scenes coming up viewers will see Moria, Natalie J Robb, bump into Faith dressed in a full mourner’s outfit. Faith is desperate to get away and in the process steals a hearse. But she later turns up in the village to ask Moira if she thinks Cain could ever forgive her. With Cain and Nate’s relationship finally thawing it’s safe to say that Faith’s return throws a spanner in the works for not just them but the entire Dingle family.

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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