Rownd a Rownd spoilers: Tuesday 19 – Thursday 21 January 2021

Tuesday and Thursday 8.25, S4C


Mathew’s first day back at work goes from bad to worse as someone plays a nasty trick on him.

Philip and Lowri are still at loggerheads and Dani has to step in to deal with the couple.

Iris is still worried about Barry, but Arthur has an idea of how to cheer him up. Jason is delighted when he is given a chance to drive the boss’s car.

Following Arthur’s prang to Barry’s car with the motorhome, Barry puts two and two together and comes up with five when guessing who is responsible.

The pain in Mathew’s leg is aggravating him more and more and he decides to make an appointment to see the doctor – but will it be a successful trip to the surgery for him?

(Picture: S4C)
(Picture: S4C)


Mawrth a Iau 8.25, S4C

Mae diwrnod cyntaf Mathew yn ôl yn yr ysgol yn mynd o ddrwg i waeth wrth i rywun chwarae tric cas.

Mae Lowri a Philip yn dadlau ac mae’n rhaid i Dani gamu i mewn i ddelio efo’r ddau.

Mae Iris yn dal i boeni am Barry ond mae Arthur yn cael syniad sut i godi ei chalon. Mae Jason wrth ei fodd pan gaiff gyfle i yrru car y bos.

Yn dilyn y clec roddodd Arthur i gar Barry yn y motorhome, mae Barry yn rhoi dau a dau at ei gilydd a chael pump wrth ddyfalu pwy sy’n gyfrifol.

Mae’r boen yn ei goes yn cynddeiriogi Mathew fwy fwy a’i ysgogi i wneud apwyntiad i weld y meddyg. A gaiff beth mae’n dyheu amdano?

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