Monday 1st March 2021

  • Writer – Mark Wadlow
  • Director – Vicky Thomas

SIMON HOPES SAM STAYS SCHTUM Simon corners Sam and assures him that what he witnessed was just a prank and nobody got hurt. Nick’s pleased to see them apparently getting on but when he gets a call from school to say Sam’s had a meltdown and hurt another kid Nick’s worried. Sam refuses to open up but when Jacob calls in the cafe, Sam’s terrified and dashes out. Having finally coaxed the truth out of him, Nick confronts Simon. Leanne’s horrified and turning to Simon, demands to know the truth.

WHERE THERE’S A WILL THERE’S A WAY Alya’s furious to find out that Geoff left everything to Tim. Tim tells Adam that he doesn’t want a penny of Geoff’s money as it should have rightfully gone to Yasmeen but Adam warns him it’s not that simple.

JOHNNY’S A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT Kai accuses Johnny of dealing drugs, it’s in fact his MS pills. Gary backs him up but Kai’s disbelieving and convinced Johnny is stealing his drug business, Kai beats him up.

ASHA FEELS PUSHED OUT Nina tells Asha she’s going bat watching with Roy. When Asha suggests she could tag along, Nina asserts she’d find it boring. Asha tells Amy she reckons Nina’s gone off her already as she’d rather go out with Roy than spend time with her.

ELSEWHERE In the builder’s yard, Paul can barely keep his eyes open and admits to Ed that living with four babies equates to no sleep and he needs to find a flat.

Monday 1st March 2021

  • Writer – Nessah Muthy
  • Director – Vicky Thomas

LEANNE TELLS SIMON THE DRUGS DON’T WORK With all eyes on him, Simon lies and assures Leanne that it was just a prank. Nick doesn’t believe a word and orders Simon to stay away from Sam. Simon tells Jacob he’s got his bag back and he’s ready to do the delivery but when an angry Leanne confronts him with the packages of coke, Simon snaps. Revealing he’s dealing drugs because somebody has to put food on the table, he marches out. Back at home Leanne promises she’ll sort herself out but they must go to the police. Simon’s horrified, explaining that he owes his boss money and he’ll kill him for grassing him up.

JENNY CAN’T GET THROUGH TO JOHNNY Jenny visits Johnny and is shocked by the state of him. Johnny admits that he’s stopped taking his pills because he doesn’t want his eyesight to improve as he won’t see Aidan again, Jenny’s heart breaks for him. Carla’s appalled that he’s stopped taking his meds and vows to sort it. Daisy reckons he’s not worth the energy.

YASMEEN GETS MORE THAN SHE BARGAINED FOR As Alya chucks all Geoff’s belongings out, Tim asserts that everything he inherited from Geoff, he’s transferring to Yasmeen. Yasmeen’s unease is evident.

ELSEWHERE Ed doles out the jobs and instructs Paul to sort out Daniel’s kitchen cupboards. Ed calls at the flat and is appalled at the state of Paul’s handiwork. But when Ed offers him an apprenticeship and promises to teach him, will Paul accept? Nina assures Asha she hasn’t gone off her but it’s important they have the freedom to pursue their own interests too.

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

  • Writer – Carmel Morgan
  • Director – Vicky Thomas

YASMEEN IS PUSHED OVER THE EDGE Alya points out that with Geoff’s money and the sale of the community centre they can pay off the debts but when Yasmeen opens a County Court Judgement she’s worried sick. When Tim then calls at Speed Daal with the paperwork for the transfer of Geoff’s assets, Yasmeen suffers a panic attack and flees. Alya finds Yasmeen in full meltdown, convinced she’s going back to prison. Locking herself into No.6 she’s suddenly wracked with pain. Clutching her chest, Yasmeen struggles to breath.

NINA IS CAUGHT OUT BY AADI Asha and Aadi excitedly plan Dev’s surprise birthday party but Asha’s disappointed when Nina says she can’t make it. When Aadi discovers that Nina’s offered to mind the cafe to avoid Dev’s party, he demands to know why she lied to Asha. JENNY HAS A SURPRISE VISITOR When Neil, the guy who flirted with her in the bistro, calls at the Rovers and proceeds to flirt with her again, Jenny’s flattered. Daisy’s pleased with herself, however Jenny’s unimpressed to find out from Neil that Daisy set them up.

ELSEWHERE George surveys the ‘for sale’ board on the community centre, telling Yasmeen he’s interested in buying the community centre as a new premises for his funeral parlour. Yasmeen hurries away. Over lunch Eileen berates him for his insensitivity with Yasmeen.

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

  • Writer – Jonathan Harvey
  • Director – Vicky Thomas

ALYA FEARS YASMEEN WILL ALWAYS BE GEOFF’S VICTIM Bolted in the house Yasmeen leans against the sofa gasping for air. Alya and Tim force their way in and are horrified to find Yasmeen collapsed on the floor, struggling to breathe. As Alya looks at her fragile Gran in her hospital bed, she fights back tears, worried she’ll never recover from her ordeal with Geoff.

WILL JOHNNY CHOOSE JENNY? Jenny orders Daisy to apologise to Neil for leading him up the garden path and reminds her that whatever she might think of Johnny, he’s her husband and she loves him. Johnny phones Jenny and admits he still hasn’t taken his meds. Jenny implores him to take them for her sake, pointing out he could die if he doesn’t. Will Johnny agree?

NINA FEELS THE PRESSURE FROM THE ALAHANS Nina admits to Aadi that it just felt too soon to be attending family parties, but the last thing she wants to do is hurt Asha. Aadi asserts that the invitation still stands. When Aadi arrives with Nina in tow, Asha’s thrilled. As Dev makes a speech and welcomes Nina to the family, Nina squirms. Roy suggests she has an honest chat with Asha but when Asha reveals that she’s in love with her, Nina’s floored.

LEANNE TURNS TO HER SISTER Leanne confides in Toyah about what Sam said. Horrified, Toyah urges Leanne to tackle Simon but Leanne takes it as a dig at her parenting skills. When Simon returns home with Jacob in tow a shaken Leanne retreats to her room.

ELSEWHERE Paul apologises to Daniel for making a cock-up of the cupboards. Amused Daniel suggests he could lodge with him and Bertie, will Paul accept his offer?

Friday 5th March 2021

  • Writer – Ella Greenhill
  • Writer – Steven Fay
  • Director – Peter Rose

LEANNE CAN’T HANDLE SIMON ALONE Leanne gets up to find Jacob and Simon counting their drugs money. When she objects, Jacob makes a dig about her dead son. Leanne flips but as she tries to grab him she smashes Oliver’s music box. Leanne begs Simon to stay away from Jacob and stop dealing but Simon points out the stark truth – they need the money. A desperate Leanne tells Carla that Simon’s going off the rails and she needs to talk to Peter. Carla promises to help but doesn’t want Peter involved. Carla warns Jacob to back off Simon. Will he agree?

YASMEEN’S TRAUMA ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE The doctor confirms that Yasmeen suffered a major panic attack brought on by stress. Alya worries for her Gran.

TYRONE LIES ABOUT HIS NEW YOGA FRIEND As Fiz tidies away Tyrone’s yoga mat, she notices the initials AP on it. Tyrone’s uncomfortable as he admits he picked up Alina’s mat by mistake. As he drops it off, Alina reveals she’s struggling with her coursework. Tyrone offers to stay and help.

Sean’s annoyed to find that Eileen has shifted all his boxes of makeup into the yard. Sean lugs them into the factory, telling Kirk that Nick has given him permission to store them there. Kirk’s not happy, pointing out how he tried to rip off poor Gemma and Ches.

SIMON SLIPS THROUGH LEANNE’S FINGERS Simon returns home and tears a strip off Leanne for blabbing to Carla. Simon shows Jacob in who immediately starts rolling a joint. When he laughs at Oliver’s nursery rhyme CD, Leanne loses it and shrieks at him to get out. Jacob challenges her to call the police, will Leanne shop her own son?

IT’S YASMEEN AND ELAINE AGAINST THE WORLD Yasmeen returns home from hospital and asserts that she doesn’t want pills or counselling. Alya despairs. Elaine calls in and raises the subject of Geoff’s will. When Yasmeen asserts that she’ll keep the house but wants Elaine to have Geoff’s stake in Speed Daal, Alya and Elaine are taken aback.

TYRONE PUTS HIS FAMILY FIRST As Tyrone helps Alina with her course work, it’s clear he enjoys her company. Back at home he covers his guilt, telling Fiz he’s packing in yoga as he’d rather spend time with her and the kids.

ELSEWHERE Eileen urges Sean to accept that makeup sales was a bad idea. On Eileen’s advice, Sean calls Rhydian and tells him he wants out. Peter enters No.1 from the back yard stumbling into a piece of furniture as he tries not to wake the family.