Monday 19th April 2021

  • Writer – Alasdair Morrison
  • Director – Jason Wingard

FAYE FACES THE FINAL SENTENCE Craig confides in Kirk that he’s going to resign from the police force as his relationship with Faye is more important. Kirk finds Faye in Victoria Garden and tells her about Craig’s decision. An emotional Faye tells Craig there’s no way she’s letting him jack in his job for her and it’s best they finish. Gary and Faye attend court. Gary is given 8 months for perverting the course of justice but told he’s free to go. What will happen to Faye?

MARIA STARTS A CHAIN REACTION FOR TYRONE Emma clocks Lucas flirting with Alina outside the salon and urges her to go for it. As Tyrone and Alina get down to an afternoon romp, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Emma. Whilst Tyrone hides behind the sofa, Emma spots his jeans strewn across the floor and assumes Alina made a move on Lucas. As they hurriedly get dressed, Tyrone implores Alina to stick to the story that she was in bed with Lucas. Alina calls in the Rovers and asks Emma to keep her relationship with Lucas under her hat. When Emma admits that she didn’t actually see Lucas, just a pair of men’s jeans, Maria’s mind whirrs.

ELSEWHERE Seb tries out a goth look but Abi assures him that Nina likes him for who he is. Seb tells Nina he won’t be attending the gig. Nina reveals that she’d booked a hotel room too. In the Kabin, Brian takes a call claiming that Rita’s been nominated for a Golden Heart Award. Brian assumes it’s a hoax, cooked up by one of Cathy’s trolls.

Monday 19th April 2021

  • Writer – Owen Lloyd-Fox
  • Director – Jason Wingard

GARY REFUSES TO ACCEPT FAYE’S FATE In the Rovers, a despondent Craig tears a strip off Kirk for causing the break-up of his and Faye’s relationship.

TYRONE GETS AN ULTIMATUM Maria calls at the garage and tells Tyrone that at the time Alina was supposedly in bed with Lucas, she was giving him a haircut and he’d better come clean to Fiz or she’ll do it for him.

IT’S A WAITING GAME FOR THE BARLOWS Having returned from hospital, Carla helps a fragile Peter onto the sofa. Daniel’s thrilled to hear that he’s on the transplant list, but Peter remains cautious.

ELSEWHERE On Abi’s advice, Seb tells Nina he’d really like to attend the gig and stay in the hotel with her if it’s still on offer.

Wednesday 21st April 2021

  • Writer – Simon Crowther
  • Director – Jason Wingard

FIZ’S HOPES ARE DASHED Tyrone tells Alina about Maria’s threat and Alina is pleased. When Emma reveals that Alina’s now seeing Lucas, Fiz’s hopes are lifted. In the garage, Tyrone confides in Kevin that he’s planning to tell Fiz that he and Alina are for keeps. When Fiz receives a message confirming a hotel booking in Knutsford, Chesney reckons Tyrone’s planning to surprise her. Fiz calls at the garage and quizzes Kevin about Tyrone’s intentions. Kevin acts dumb. Tyrone returns from attending the breakdown to find Fiz, Alina and Lucas mid-showdown on the street. Fiz realises he’s chosen Alina over her.

GETS A BLAST FROM HER PAST Brian calls at No.6 and tells Cathy that it turns out Rita’s Golden Heart Award is genuine, the trolls appear to have given up and it’s time she came home. As Gemma and Rita chat in the Kabin, they are interrupted by the arrival of Sharon Bentley. Rita’s stunned. Sharon reveals that she nominated Rita for the Golden Heart Award for her fostering skills and to prove how sorry she is for the way she treated her all those years ago. In the Rovers, Rita and Gemma listen as Sharon reveals that she had cancer and Ian ran off with a woman he met on the internet. Rita introduces Sharon to Jenny, explaining that she fostered Jenny too. Will Jenny welcome another ‘sister’.

ELSEWHERE Seb and Nina mull over what a great night they had and it’s clear they’re smitten.

Wednesday 21st April 2021

  • Writer – Ellen Taylor
  • Director – Jason Wingard

IT’S THE END OF THE LINE FOR TYRONE AND FIZ As Fiz and Tyrone row, each blaming the other for the breakdown of their relationship, Hope listens, deeply upset. Tyrone arrives at the salon flat with his holdall and tells Alina that he was honest with Fiz. Maria calls at No.9, but Fiz gives her short shrift and as she goes to close the door, she spots Tyrone and Alina clearly loved up.

RITA’S DAUGHTERS COLLIDE Jenny convinces Gemma that Sharon can’t be trusted and clearly intends to fleece Rita. Sharon informs Jenny and Gemma that Rita missed out on the award. They make it clear to Sharon they won’t let her hurt Rita and she must sling her hook. Rita asserts that she’s well aware of Sharon’s shortcomings, but everyone deserves a second chance. Jenny and Gemma are suitably chastened.

GARY SALVAGES FAYE AND CRAIG’S RELATIONSHIP Craig explains to Kirk that for the sake of his career, he mustn’t have any contact with Faye but suggests he could post his letters for him then no one would suspect a thing.

CATHY HAS NO PLANS TO GO HOME Cathy tells Yasmeen and Elaine that although she and Brian have made up, she’s not ready to return home yet. Rooting through her many boxes, Cathy pulls out three matching dressing gowns and likens them to the Golden Girls. Yasmeen and Elaine suppress a look of horror.

ELSEWHERE When Nina invites him to stay the night and explains that she’s okayed it with Roy and he’s promised to stay out of the way, Seb’s thrilled.

Friday 23rd April 2021

  • Writer – Nessah Muthy
  • Writer – Cameron McAllister
  • Director – Lee Trevor

FIZ AND TYRONE CLASH OVER THE GIRLS A sheepish Tyrone lets himself into No.9 to pick up the last of his things. Having run away from school, Hope returns home and spotting Tyrone’s holdall, asks him if he loves his new girlfriend more than her. Tyrone’s horrified and accuses Fiz of turning Hope against him. In a bid to cheer her up, Chesney invites Hope over to play with Joseph. Fiz calls at No.5 to find Chesney bundling an injured Joseph into the car. When Gemma reveals that Hope attacked him, Fiz is horrified. Tyrone inadvertently uploads the photos from his romantic night in Knutsford with Alina onto the family photo roll. Fiz urges Tyrone to speak to Hope but Tyrone refuses, asserting that she’s better at dealing with Hope than him.

SEB IS LIKE A ‘GOTH TO A FLAME’ Nina admits to Roy that she’s in love with Seb and wonders if he could stay a few nights. When Nina overhears Ed and Paul mocking her gothism and Seb laughing at their jokes, she’s cut to the quick and hurries away, unnoticed. When Nina reveals that she was going to ask him to move in but she overheard him laughing at her expense with his mates, Seb’s gutted

AADI SEES RED When Corey emerges from Asha’s bedroom, Aadi’s furious to realise he stayed the night and threatens to tell Dev. Corey goads Aadi telling him his sister has a voracious sexual appetite. Aadi snaps and punches Corey on the nose. Dev returns home to find Asha and Aadi trading insults. Aadi keeps quiet about his reason for punching Corey, in order to protect Asha.

RITA TRIES TO RECONCILE HER DAUGHTERS At Rita’s insistence, Sharon, Jenny and Gemma gather in the bistro for peace talks. Agreeing they all feel like Rita’s daughters, the trio decides to bury the hatchet and try to get along. Their meal at an end, Sharon tearfully reveals that her brother Wayne died and she’s terribly lonely. When Rita suggests she moves in with her for a few weeks, Sharon’s thrilled.

ELSEWHERE Gary calls at the factory and tells Sarah how Izzy’s really struggling and it would be good if she could return to work. Sarah and Gary facetime Izzy and at Kirk’s suggestion, ask her if she’d like to sew knickers from home.