Monday 26 April 2021 7.00pm – 7.30pm

  • Writer – Paul Roundell
  • Director – John Anderson

Kim’s thrown when Andrea wants her to babysit sickly Millie at short notice. Kim agrees despite her confused state of mind. When Millie’s sickness worsens, Kim realises she’s in no fit state to look after her. Manpreet checks in on Milly and prescribes her some antibiotics but soon after Kim collapses leaving Andrea a garbled voicemail before losing consciousness. Kim comes to and finds Millie in the throes of an allergic reaction. Jamie comes home and is aghast at Millie’s condition

Nate is planning a stay with his mum as he can’t seem to do anything right but Faith intervenes and soon Nate says he’s arranged something for Tracy to look forward to

Nicola wants to hoodwink Jimmy into signing over half of the business to Charity

Jamie attends the scan and is emotional Gabby is thrilled

Marlon tells Billy and Ellis he’s doubling their rent

Tuesday 27 April 2021 7.00pm – 7.30pm

  • Writer – Kirsty Halton
  • Director – John Anderson

Andrea turns up to give Kim a piece of her mind and forbids her from seeing Millie: But later Kim’s enraptured when Gabby gives her a baby scan. Although Gabby is left unsettled when Kim refers to the scan as ‘my baby’.

Billy and Ellis are looking to move out but Rhona has an idea to get Marlon out of his financial hole. Will it work?

Dawn and Jamie meet for a drink as things become more charged between them. Jamie talks Dawn into sharing a bottle of tequila with him at Home Farm. Jamie wants Dawn to give their relationship another go.

Wednesday 28 April 2021 7.00pm – 7.30pm

  • Writer – Lesley Clare O’Neill
  • Director – John Anderson

Kim’s contemptuous when Jamie announces he and Dawn are now a couple. Kim tries to get Jamie to break things off with Dawn, before giving Gabby a life-lesson for her to look out for number one at all costs which leaves Gabby thoughtful. Later Dawn tries to end it with Jamie knowing it is for the best but he suggests they should continue to see each other in secret.

Jimmy is invited to the police station for questioning. He is delighted as at last things seem to be moving. But his excitement is premature as soon Nicola’s in total shock when Jimmy returns and reveals he is being charged with death by dangerous driving.

Faith comes up with an idea for her hearse

Thursday 29 April 2021 7.00pm – 7.30pm

  • Writer – Chris Gill
  • Director – Becky Wild

Having found out what has gone on behind his back a fuming Jimmy confronts Charity who remains calm as she tells him it’s Nicola he needs to talk to. When he gets to the scrapyard, Jimmy’s shocked to discover his wife is the one who came up with the idea.

In the cafe, Noah informs for Jamie

Pollard catches Faith nicking bedding and a mattress. He wants to know what she’s up to

Thursday 29 April 2021 8.00pm – 8.30pm

  • Writer – Peter Kerry
  • Director – Becky Wild

Jimmy and Nicola’s row reaches boiling point as Juliette appears and Jimmy kicks her out of the house. As he harangues Juliette in the street Carl watches from his bedroom window.

Noah’s suspicious of Gabby.

Friday 30 April 2021 7.00pm – 7.30pm

  • Writer – Julie Parsons
  • Director – Becky Wild

Carl is suffering. Nicola pleads with Jimmy for them to pull together but she’s left utterly floored when he makes a declaration..


  • Aaron Anthony as Ellis Chapman
  • Alexander Lincoln as Jamie Tate
  • Amelia Curtis as Juliette Holliday
  • Amelia Flanagan as April Windsor
  • Amy Walsh as Tracy Metcalfe
  • Anna Nightingale as Andrea Tate
  • Ash Palmisciano as Matty Barton
  • Christopher Bisson as Jai Sharma
  • Christopher Chittell as Eric Pollard
  • Claire King as Kim Tate
  • Danny Miller as Aaron Dingle
  • Dean Andrews as Will Taylor
  • Emile John as Ethan Anderson
  • Emma Atkins as Charity Dingle
  • Jack Downham as Noah Dingle
  • Jay Kontzle as Billy Fletcher
  • Jeff Hordley as Cain Dingle
  • Johanna Hinton as Sonographer
  • Jonny McPherson as Liam Cavanagh
  • Joshua Richards as Bear Wolf
  • Jurell Carter as Nate Robinson
  • Katherine Dow Blyton as Harriet Finch
  • Kevin Mathurin as Charles Anderson
  • Lawrence Robb as Mackenzie Boyd
  • Lesley Dunlop as Brenda Walker
  • Lisa Riley as Mandy Dingle
  • Lucy Pargeter as Chas Dingle
  • Mark Charnock as Marlon Dingle
  • Matthew Wolfenden as David Metcalfe
  • Mimi Slinger as Leanna Cavanagh
  • Natalie J. Robb as Moira Dingle
  • Nick Miles as Jimmy King
  • Nicola Wheeler as Nicola King
  • Olivia Bromley as Dawn Taylor
  • Paige Sandhu as Meena Jutla
  • Patrick Mower as Rodney Blackstock
  • Rebecca Sarker as Manpreet Sharma
  • Rosie Bentham as Gabby Thomas
  • Roxy Shahidi as Leyla Harding
  • Sally Dexter as Faith Dingle
  • Willow Bell as Millie Tate
  • Zoe Henry as Rhona Goskirk