Catching Paedophiles: Crime and Punishment

What happens when you are investigating a case in which a man has been uploading indecent images of children and you realise he might be abusing two young children?

This is the situation facing Detective Claire Lyons, who works for Hampshire Constabulary’s Internet Child Abuse Team. Claire has to prove that her suspicions are right – to not risk any mistakes that would lead to the suspect walking free and being able to offend again. This is an all too familiar scenario.

(Picture: Channel 4)

Claire and her team in Hampshire make an arrest nearly every day, as they and the Crown Prosecution Service strive to prosecute child sexual offenders. But it’s an enormous challenge – both to build a successful case, and for the team’s mental health. Every day, there are nearly 300 incidents of child sexual abuse discovered online by investigators in the UK.

The number of cases referred by internet companies has increased by over 700% in under 10 years. With police forces stretched to their limits, how can they keep up with these exponentially increasing numbers?

Crime and Punishment returns with a film exploring the challenges of investigating and prosecuting this disturbing crime, and how to manage predators when they’ve been caught.

Catching Paedophiles: Crime and Punishment airs on Channel 4 at 9pm Monday 17 May 2021

(Picture: Channel 4)

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