The Year Britain Stopped – Channel 4

This documentary explores the personal stories of Brits across every level of society over the course of the pandemic – from Boris Johnson to the nurse who helped to save his life. Part tragedy, part comedy of errors, it’s a portrait of Britain on the brink, from the government’s much criticised early handling of the crisis to the moving stories of people whose lives were turned upside down by the virus.

The Year Britain Stopped explores how the pandemic revealed faultlines in our already divided society – and how we coped with the greatest crisis of our generation.

Dotty Robinson and Doreen Burns, (Picture: Channel 4)

With never-previously-seen footage – including a draft Channel 4 News report written in the event of Boris Johnson’s death; and the heartbreaking stories of heroic frontline workers and a single mum whose son went missing during the first lockdown, this is a powerful look back at the year that changed our lives forever.

Also featuring first-hand accounts from the scientists whose incredible breakthroughs brought the crisis under control; and Jenny McGee, speaking for the first time about her experience treating the Prime Minister in intensive care.

ICU Nurse, Jenny McGee outside St Thomas’ Hospital, London. (Picture: Channel 4)

The Year Britain Stopped airs at 9pm on Channel 4 – Monday 24 May

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