Monday 24th May

NICK RISKS EVERYTHING FOR SAM Despite Leanne’s fear that he might be walking into a trap Nick returns home to help look for Sam. When Sharon spots Nick going into Number 8 she calls Harvey. A furious Natasha and anxious Nick watch with a feeling of dread as a policewoman approaches the house. Meanwhile a terrified Sam is trapped in the van and unable to summon help.

STEVE COMES FACE TO FACE WITH A FOE Emma is delighted when a good looking young man offers to help her move some barrels into the cellar. Steve however is less than pleased to discover Emma having a drink with Curtis the hooligan who knocked him off his bike causing him to come last in the charity fundraiser.

TYRONE FEELS THE FINANCIAL STRAIN Dve feels the financial strain when he has to fork out for new shoes for the girls and new coffee cups Alina wants for the flat. Evelyn points out that he has two houses to run and fancy coffee cups are a luxury.

ELSEWHERE Whilst Cathy and Elaine enthuse over the new exercise bike, Yasmeen confides in Alya that the house is starting to feel crowded and she longs for a bit of peace and quiet. At No.6, Yasmeen, Elaine and Cathy are horrified to spot a mouse. Daisy lets slip to Ronnie that she knows all about his and Jenny’s dirty secret.

Monday 24th May

NICK GETS THE FEELING SOMEBODY’S WATCHING HIM Nick finds himself in danger when he gets into a taxi only to discover the driver is one of Harvey’s thugs. Handing Nick a burner phone, the thug tells him that unless Leanne and Simon retract their evidence, he’ll never see his precious son again.

EVELYN ‘DELIVERS’ A NEW OBSTACLE FOR TYRONE Evelyn is furious to discover that Dev has given Tyrone a job doing deliveries for the shop and makes barbed remarks to Tyrone about his recent behaviour.

TRACY WARNS STEVE NOT TO LOSE SIGHT OF HIS GOALS When Amy tentatively suggests that he’s becoming a bit obsessed with his fundraising and worries he’s heading for another breakdown, Steve realises she has a point. Steve tells Emma that from now on, he’s going to spend more time concentrating on his family. Emma suggests they could do some fundraising together and Steve’s touched.

DAISY RESORTS TO BLACKMAIL Daisy explains to Jenny that Ronnie has agreed to give her some business tips to boost her Double Glammy sales. Ronnie feigns enthusiasm whilst Jenny eyes him suspiciously. When Ronnie reveals Daisy is threatening to go public about their relationship unless he helps her with her makeup business, Jenny asserts that she’ll deal with Daisy.

ELSEWHERE A fearful Yasmeen, Elaine and Cathy scour the room, looking for the mouse. Elaine rounds on Cathy, blaming her and her slovenly ways for enticing mice into the house. Cathy runs upstairs upset and a despairing Yasmeen resolves to call pest control.

Wednesday 26th May

LEANNE PUTS NICK FIRST Nick confides in David and Shona how Sam’s ordeal wasn’t an accident but was orchestrated by Harvey. Nick calls Leanne and explains he won’t be returning to the hideout as Sam is in danger. Having found out about Sam’s kidnap from Shona, a furious Natasha barges her way into No.8 and demands that Nick calls the police and tells them the truth.

ELAINE LEARNS ABOUT CATHY’S DIRTY LITTLE SECRET To Yasmeen’s relief, Ryan catches the mouse. But the hunt for the rodent has unearthed a mountain of boxes and Roy tells Elaine about Cathy’s hoarding problem. When Cathy finds Elaine and Brian searching her room Cathy is forced into admitting to Brian that her hoarding is out of control again and she’s ashamed.

STEVE GETS HIS ACT TOGETHER Steve tells Emma that he intends to put things right with Curtis. Curtis meets up with Steve who apologises for his behaviour. When Curtis reveals he’s got an interview at the bistro, Steve offers to give him some pointers.

ELSEWHERE Evelyn’s put out to find Bernie working in the shop and further annoyed when she slips and falls on some spilt salad dressing. Clutching her foot in pain, Evelyn threatens to sue Dev and Bernie for criminal negligence. Jenny confronts Daisy and tells her she knows how she tried to blackmail Ronnie and she wants her to move out.

Wednesday 26th May

CAN NATASHA BE STOPPED? Natasha tells Nick and Leanne that if they won’t go to the police, she’ll do it for them. Shona finds Natasha in the police station waiting room and begs her to reconsider, pointing out that by involving the police, she’ll be putting Sam in even more danger. What will she do?

ELAINE KNOWS SHE’S OUTSTAYED HER WELCOME Tim is disappointed to find out that Elaine is moving out of Yasmeen’s and moving away. Tim shows Elaine into No.4 and explains to Sally that he’s invited her to live with them. How will Sally react? Cathy announces that she’s moving out too as it’s time she went home and got her life back on track, Yasmeen admits she’ll miss them and they’re wonderful friends.

STEVE NOTICES SPARKS BETWEEN EMMA AND CURTIS Steve and Emma put Curtis through a mock interview. When Curtis reveals that he’s training to be a doctor, Emma swoons and even Steve’s impressed. An upbeat Curtis calls in the Rovers and tells Emma and Steve that thanks to their help, he got the job at the bistro.

DAISY GETS THE VIOLINS GOING A vulnerable Daisy explains to Jenny how her Dad married again, they had a baby and it was clear she was no longer wanted. Will Jenny change her mind?

ELSEWHERE With her injured leg perched on a chair, Evelyn tells Dev and Bernie that it’s time they discussed compensation. Dev implores her to be reasonable. A disgruntled Bernie moans to Dev that she’s not happy to be at Evelyn’s beck and call.

Friday 28th May

JENNY SMELLS A RAT. THE NET CLOSES IN ON SHARON Sharon tells Gemma she has decided to move back home, Gemma insists on meeting for a leaving drink. Jenny is suspicious when Sharon tells them of her change of plan. Johnny and Jenny head to the bistro for lunch but Jenny’s put out to clock Ronnie and Sharon at the next table but is intrigued when Johnny says he knows her from the prison and that he has no knowledge of the mentoring scheme she claims to be part of.

When Jenny asks Gary to find out what he can about Harvey she is shocked to discover the link between Harvey and Sharon. What will she do with the info? Meanwhile Sharon has clocked the intimacy between Ronnie and tells Jenny to watch her back!

PETER IS RUNNING OUT OF OPTIONS Peter shares his good news with Adam, that he’s back on the transplant list. Carla does her best to appear upbeat, but it’s clear she’s worried. Over lunch in Speed Daal, Daniel persuades a reluctant Adam that they should offer themselves up as liver donors for Peter.

ASHA REELS HER TARGET IN When George reveals that it’s Seb’s funeral tomorrow, Nina’s deeply hurt to realise Abi kept it from her and clearly doesn’t want her there. Asha feels for her. Asha meets up with Corey and makes out she misses him. He tries to convince her to spend the afternoon in the empty flat upstairs. How will she get out of this one? Asha assures Corey that she hopes they can be together again one day, but for now they’re best off just as mates. Corey’s clearly unimpressed.

ELAINE FEELS IN THE WAY Sally’s annoyed to catch Tim tucking into a full English breakfast and reminds Elaine about his heart condition. Elaine’s chastened.

ELSEWHERE As Evelyn lists the chores she has planned for her, Bernie is forced to bite her tongue. When Dev spots Evelyn pegging out the washing in the backyard, he’s amused and points out that her injured leg is clearly much better. Evelyn’s furious. Dev admits to Bernie that Evelyn’s had them over a barrel and there’s nothing wrong with her leg. Bernie’s fuming and vows to get even.

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