For Kathy, Martin and their two teenagers, Noah and Jess, the annual holiday is something that the Powell family look forward to all year round. They’re joined by Kathy’s more affluent sister, Megan, her workaholic husband, Steve, and their son, Fred. It’s an opportunity for them all to switch off, relax and spend quality time together as a family, and an all-inclusive holiday in Turkey is just what the doctor ordered…

But when Martin watches Noah head off to a beach party, little does he know it’s the last moment they’ll share before all their lives are turned completely upside down. The next time Kathy and Martin see their son, he’s being dragged away in handcuffs accused of a serious crime that he denies committing.

16-year-old Noah is supposed to be sitting exams and spending the summer having fun before college, but instead he faces years in a Turkish prison, thousands of miles from home.


  • Adrian Baena As Milo
  • Alan Mckenna As Brendan
  • Atilla Akinci As Detective Demir
  • David Mumeni As Steve Mcgee
  • Edward Dogliani As Taxi Driver
  • Funlola Olufunwa As Hayley
  • Grace Aldridge As Xanthe
  • Jack Chorley As Fred Mcgee
  • Jade Jordan As Tara Fisher
  • Jodie Campbell As Rosie
  • Kirk Newmann As Aksoy
  • Louis Ashbourne Serkis As Noah Powell
  • Lily Sutcliffe As Jess Powell
  • Michael Jibson As Noah Powell
  • Murat Seven As Ismail
  • Nathan Altai As Detective Ozal
  • Philip Arditti As Rico Karvalci
  • Sheridan Smith As Kathy Powell
  • Sian Brooke As Megan Mcgee

No Return airs on ITV from 9:00pm tonight