AMY HITS THE CLUB AND THEN THE FLOOR Jacob approaches Amy, Asha and Summer and suggests they go clubbing in town after the Valentine’s Dance. Amy, Asha, Summer and Aadi meet up with Jacob outside a club. In the club, Amy becomes increasingly woozy. Suddenly she collapses and Jacob yells at Asha, Aadi and Summer to call an ambulance.

SARAH PREPARES TO SPEND VALENTINE’S DAY ALONE In the factory, Lydia opens a gift bag and pulls out the set of sexy lingerie, making out it’s from her ex and she’s confused by his mixed messages. Adam calls Sarah and cancels their Valentine’s date. Sarah’s fuming.

MAX FILMS THE VALENTINE’S DANCE At the dance, Daniel heads over to chat to Amy and her mates, but upon realising they’re drunk, he orders them to leave.

ELSEWHERE When Bernie offers them a voucher for Speed Daal, Gemma’s thrilled. When Yasmeen reveals that the voucher isn’t valid on Valentine’s Day, Chesney’s furious. Gemma reveals that all the reward money was returned and Dev gave the anonymous donation to a homeless charity. At No.4, Sally suggests to Tim they have a naughty game of landlords and tenants. When Elaine points out that Tim needs to relax and any sex is out of the question, Sally’s furious.


STEVE GIVES JACOB A GOBFUL THEN A FISTFUL Asha calls an ambulance while Jacob puts Amy in the recovery position. In the hospital, Steve and Tracy stare in shock at Amy’s seemingly lifeless body. Asha and Aadi approach Steve in the hospital and asserts that if Jacob’s responsible for Amy’s condition, he’ll make sure hers is the last life he ever destroys. Jacob reckons someone spiked Amy’s drink before she got to the club. Steve tells Asha and Aadi that Amy’s blood tests show she’s taken GHB. Steve’s convinced Jacob spiked Amy’s drink. Jacob reveals that he and Amy are together.

ADAM AND SARAH SPEND VALENTINE’S DAY APART Adam leads his client through to the hotel restaurant Sarah parks herself with Peter and Carla in the Rovers and moans about her ruined Valentine’s Day.

MAX LEAVES THE DANCE DISAPPOINTED In the Rovers’ back room, Daisy leans in for a kiss and Daniel responds. Blowing out the candle, they head upstairs.

ELSEWHERE When Elaine reveals that she’s signed up for a course on heart health, Sally despairs.


STEVE WARNS JACOB OFF AMY The nurse tells Steve and Tracy that Amy should make a full recovery and that whoever put her in the recovery position, saved her life. Asha reveals it was Jacob. Jacob assures Steve he didn’t spike Amy’s drink. Steve orders him to stay away from Amy in future. A police officer questions Amy about the spiked drink. Suddenly there’s a commotion in the corridor and Tracy and Amy dash out just in time to see Steve punching Jacob.

DAVID DEMANDS ANSWERS Daniel and Daisy agree to give their relationship another go. David urges Daniel to lean on the school to conduct a full investigation and find out who spiked Amy’s drink as there’s clearly a predator on the loose.

CHESNEY HIDES THE TRUTH FROM LINDA Chesney and Bernie finally bury the hatchet and agree to start afresh. Chesney and Gemma are taken aback when Joseph’s Gran, Linda, calls at No.5.

ELSEWHERE In the factory, Lydia says she has food poisoning. Sean, Beth and Kirk advise her to go home. As part of her course work, Elaine checks Tim’s pulse and wrongly assesses the results.


AMY REALISES THE REALITY OF DATING JACOB Amy makes it clear to Steve that if she wants to see Jacob, it’s her decision and not his. Leanne calls at No.1 and rails at Amy for getting involved with Jacob. Amy receives a text telling her that Jacob’s been arrested for supplying fake IDs. In the cafe, Simon tells Amy that he’s responsible for Jacob’s arrest. In the backyard of No.1, Amy tells Jacob that she’s no choice but to end their relationship.

DAVID IS TRIGGERED BY AMY’S SPIKING David tells Max that until they find the person responsible for spiking Amy’s drink, Max will be studying from home in a safe environment. Max is visibly shaken.

CHESNEY KEEPS LINDA IN THE DARK When Linda suggests it must be hard coping with five kids, Chesney assures her it’s a doddle and Joseph looks at him with incredulity.

ELSEWHERE Elaine checks Tim’s pulse again, only to find it’s perfectly normal. Tim’s relieved whilst a puzzled Elaine consults her course work.

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DAVID LEARNS THE TRUTH FROM MAX Daniel asks Max to download the footage of the dance for the police. Max, watching the footage back, is shocked by what he sees. David returns home with a police officer in tow and Max hands over the camera to the officer.

DEV GIVES THE GAME AWAY TO LINDA In the Rovers, Dev tries to chat up Linda. When Bernie makes a derisory comment, Dev’s annoyed and reveals to Linda how Bernie’s grandson, Joseph went missing, a reward was put up and she tried to steal the money. Linda returns to No.5 and berates Chesney and Gemma for failing to tell her about Joseph’s ordeal. In Victoria Garden, Chesney admits how tough life has been recently. Linda assures him he has her full support and announces that she’s decided to stay a bit longer.

SALLY KNOWS THAT HOME IS WHERE TIM’S HEART IS Having found out that Gina’s not well, Sally’s torn. Elaine urges Sally to go and look after Gina. Elaine and Tim look forward to an afternoon playing board games. Sally feels left out.

ELSEWHERE Adam tells Sarah that he wants to try again for a baby. Lou the social worker calls at Imran and Toyah’s flat to find out if they’d consider adopting Elsie. When Toyah confides in Abi that they’re considering adopting Elsie but she’s not sure their relationship is solid enough as Imran cheated on her, Abi squirms. Toyah tells Imran that she’s prepared to adopt Elsie so long as they get married.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7.30pm on ITV.

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