EMMA CONSIDERS A BIG MOVE As Jon shares his plans to open a beach bar in Australia Emma is stunned to realise she visited the same beach as a kid. She is shocked when Jon suggests she move to Australia with him. As he leaves she tells him she will think about his idea but doesn’t say a word to Craig and Faye as they arrive home. But when Jon arrives back at the flat having forgotten his phone it looks like the cat’s out of the bag when Faye looks at him in shock – more importantly will Jon and Craig recognise each other?

TOYAH TAKES MATTERS INTO HER OWN HANDS As Toyah comes to terms with the news about Imran and Abi she has to make some decisions about what to do about Elsie’s adoption. Abi’s surprised to find Toyah in the neonatal unit gazing at Alfie in his incubator. 

TYRONE WATCHES FIZ MOVE ON As Fiz packs the van she confesses to Tyrone that she is worried she is making a big mistake. Wanting what is best for her he tells her she deserves a fresh start in a big house with a garden for the girls and waves her off. But his smile hides his heartache. 

NICK FEELS PUSHED OUT Nick concedes that he’s been overprotective of Sam and when Roy reveals that there’s a children’s chess tournament taking place, he agrees to let him take part. Sam’s thrilled to hear about the chess tournament, but when he asserts that he’d rather Roy take him, Nick has to hide his disappointment.

SUMMER CONFESSES TO AADI Asha confides in Aadi that she’s concerned about Summer and suspects she’s not managing her diabetes properly. Aadi quizzes Summer who admits that when she went out with the girls, she didn’t bother to take her blood sugar as she wanted to feel like a normal teenager for the night. 

ELSEWHERE  An excited Craig and Faye return from their appointment with the midwife and head to the bistro for lunch.


WILL EMMA AND FAYE CONFESS THEIR SINS? An excited Craig sets off for his first day back in the police force whilst back at the flat Emma and Faye are daggers drawn as Jon unexpectedly arrives. Jon demands answers and Faye blurts out that they are responsible for his grandad’s death – is this the end of the road for Faye and Emma?  A pale Faye emerges from the bathroom and tells Emma she thinks she is losing the baby. At the hospital, Craig and Faye await the scan results but are shocked by what they are told. 

GARY SEES THAT LAURA IS NEARING THE END AND TRIES TO GET THROUGH TO KELLY Gary visits Laura in hospital and is shocked at her deterioration.  With tears in her eyes, Laura admits that she’d give anything to be able to hug Kelly. Will Gary be able to persuade Kelly to go and visit her mum one last time? 

SAM PREPARES FOR BATTLE With the chess tournament underway, an excited Sam takes his place opposite his opponent, ready to battle it out for a place in the final.  Nick watches with pride.

FIZ AND TYRONE In the factory, Beth and Sean gently rib Fiz about her new house and how she’s finally landed on her feet.  Fiz does her best to appear enthusiastic.Fiz calls at the garage and Tyrone finally admits how much he misses her and the girls. 

IMRAN FIGHTS FOR HIS SON Imran says an emotional goodbye to Elsie before telling Abi he will help her fight to keep her son. Toyah reveals social services have reported him to the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority for his involvement in Abi’s custody battle.


KELLY’S WIN FALLS FLAT As Maria and Kelly are about to leave for the hairdressing awards, Gary reveals that he’s had a call from the hospital warning him that Laura only has hours to live.  Determined that her Mum is not going to ruin her day, Kelly stalks out and Maria hurries after her. Kelly is on a high as she wins Best Trainee Stylist and knocks back the wine. Gary arrives and appeals to her to go and visit Laura. What will she do? 

EMMA LEAVES WEATHERFIELD Will Emma get her happy ending or is she running from the law? 

SAM’S TOURNAMENT DOESN’T GO TO PLAN In the bistro, NIck goes over some chess tactics with Sam, convinced his genius son is going to wipe the floor with his opponent. Sam takes his seat opposite his opponent, Jalena, for the final of the chess tournament. Will he take the crown? 

DANIEL/DAISY/NICKY After a lovely day out with Daniel Nicky is furious when Nicky calls in a the Rovers to tell Daniel she has been offered the TA position. As Daisy quizzes Nicky over her previous career she darts to think she may be hiding something. 

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