As Kelly tries to come to terms with her mum’s death she is overwhelmed when she discovers she stands to inherit everything from her dad, including the family home. She asks Gary to go and check on the house for her. At the neglected house Gary is faced with a photo of a smiling Rick and packs up some belongings to bring back to Kelly. As Kelly looks at the reminders of her childhood, she’s overcome with emotion and hurries out.  Alone in Victoria Garden and numb with misery, Kelly takes out her Mum’s little bottle of morphine from her pocket and unscrews the top just as Abi arrives.

TOYAH STRUGGLES TO LET GO AND HITS ROCK BOTTOM Toyah’s heart breaks at Elsie leaves with the social worker. Having drowned her sorrows she drunkenly heads to the solicitors to have it out with Imran but Adam tells her he has gone to visit Alfie When Imran returns and asks her to let him put things right she leaves him in no doubt about how she feels. 

SAM’S THROWN OFF HIS STRIDE AGAIN AND NICK GIVES SAM A PEP TALK A smitten Sam admits to Hope and Roy that he likes his new chess opponent Jalena. RPu suggests Sam talks to his dad about matters of the heart. Nick is chuffed to help out and gives sam some fatherly advice

DANIEL DOES A FAVOUR BUT WILL IT BACKFIRE Daniel attends a meeting about a school trip but is taken aback when an upset Mrs Cranshaw confides that her husband has left her. Daniel offers to take over the planning of the trip to Edinburgh and is pleased when nicky offers to help – but how will Daisy take the news? 

ELSEWHERE In the factory, Sarah explains to Michael and Faye that they desperately need more orders and they’re offering a weekly bonus to the person with the best sales figures. Who will be in the money?


IMRAN FIGHTS FOR HIS FAMILY AND TOYAH CONSIDERS HER FUTURE Imran tells Abi he is flat hunting and suggests she could move in with Alfie but she turns him down. Hearing from Kelly about how Abi saved her from taking the morphine, Imran is alarmed that Abi now is in possession of a bottle of morphine. He shares his feared with Toyan and tells her that he intends to fight for custody of Alfie and he would love her to help him raise his son, as a family. How will Toyah react? 

FAYE GETS SOME TRYING NEWS AND PUTS HER LIFE ON PAUSE In the factory, Faye shows Craig a fertility app she’s downloaded to her phone. Craig confides in Beth that Faye wants to start a family, he feels it’s too soon, but hasn’t the heart to tell her. Unable to hold her tongue, Beth tells Faye that Craig isn’t ready for a baby.  Faye’s shocked. 

MARIA PLAYS POLITICS When Maria admits that she might not attend Rick’s funeral as she has her council reputation to think about, Gary’s angry and reckons she should be putting Kelly first. Will Maria change her mind?

NICKY SAVES DANIEL FROM A CRUSH Mrs Crawshaw calls at the cafe and after a futile attempt to flirt with Roy, thanks Daniel for agreeing to organise the school trip with Nicky’s help.  Daisy’s taken aback. Mrs Crawshaw calls at Daniel’s flat waving a bottle of wine and insisting he call her Orla. How will Daniel deal with his boss making a pass at him?

BILLY’S CONCERNS FOR SUMMER GROW Billy’s concerned to realise Summer has been up all night revising and warns her she’ll burn herself out, sending her blood sugars all over the place. Aadi calls to see Summer, but she sends him packing and when Billy reminds her that she promised to help out at the church, Summer’s adamant she hasn’t got time.  Billy’s worried. Amy promises Billy she will try and help speak to Summer..


ABI REALISES SHE HAS A FIGHT ON HER HANDS AND IMRAN REALISES HE MAY HAVE TO PLAY DIRTY A determined Abi tells Kevin she would like to return to work so she an afford to buy some things for Alfie but she is shocked when she discovers that Imran plans to fight her for custody of their son. Abi meets up with Elliot, her solicitor and tells him she wants to apply for full custody of Alfie Abi approaches Imran and reveals her intention to fight him all the way for custody Alfie. Meanwhile Imran resorts to dirty tricks .

AMY STUMBLES IN ON SUMMER’S SECRET Amy calls for Summer and persuades her to take a break and come for a quick coffee. When Roy gives them bacon sandwiches on the house Summer pretends to be grateful and the girls take them back to the flat to eat. Amy leaves but returns to pick up her phone and is shocked to hear Summer retching in the bathroom.

Summer denies making herself sick, but Amy’s not convinced and threatens to speak to Billy about it.  Clearly stressed, Summer begs her not to and promises it won’t happen again. 

KELLY AND GARY TRY TO BURY THE PAST AND KELLY APOLOGISES FOR HER FATHER’S SINS Gary, Maria and Kelly arrive for Rick’s funeral.  Gary glances nervously about, hoping that none of Rick’s cronies are going to turn up. As Gary, Maria and Kelly gather at Rick’s graveside, a man approaches and spits on Rick’s coffin, telling Kelly that he hopes he rots in hell.  Gary snaps and punches the man. No one notices a photographer lurking in the bushes.

NICKY TELLS DAISY HOW IT IS When Daniel reveals that he’s spending the day working with Nicky, Daisy’s annoyed. Daisy admits to Jenny that she’s not happy about Daniel spending so much time with Nicky.  She takes Jenny’s advice and asks Nicky to join her for a drink to quiz her about her feelings for Daniel. 

KIRK’S EFFORTS ARE REWARDED Sarah and Carla are dumbfounded as Kirk manages to win over the new client aa he shows him round the packing area. Suitably impressed, Mr Geronimo places an order. At Beth’s insistence, Carla and Sarah reluctantly agree to promote Kirk and give him the title of ‘Extra Office Administrator.’

Coronation Street airs hour-long episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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