Monday 6th June 2022

LIFE IS A CAR CRASH The street reels in the aftermath of the car crash as Alfie’s future seems increasingly uncertain.

GEORGE IS FRANKLY APPALLED BY SEAN’S NEW TYPE Frank calls at No.11 and Eileen mistakes him for an ex-prisoner selling door to door. When Sean reveals that Frank’s his new boyfriend, Eileen’s mortified. In the Rovers Sean introduces Frank to George but he becomes flustered recognising Frank from school.

SUMMER FEELS THE PRESSURE TO SUCCEED Summer informs Asha that the exam board is still looking into her appeal and it’s up to her whether or not she chooses to sit her final exam. Summer heads for lunch with Aaron to take her mind off things but she’s touched when Aadi calls with a set of homemade revision cards. However when Mary lets slip that Todd’s planning a surprise party to celebrate the end of her exams, how will Summer react?

ELSEWHERE Max offers to help school friend Sonya with her media studies homework. After a few messages, Sonya agrees to a date. Max grins at his screen, whilst David and Shona watch amused. When Leo admits how much he’s enjoyed brewing his own beer in the cellar, Jenny has an idea and reveals that his home brew beer is now their guest ale.

Wednesday 8th June 2022

AADI TAKES THE FALL FOR SUMMER In the exam room, Summer unzips her blood sugar testing kit to reveal Aadi’s revision cards hidden inside. When the invigilator heads over, Summer panics and makes out she needs to test her sugar levels. Outside she opens the bag and realises with horror that the cards are missing. In the exam room, the invigilator finds the revision notes on the floor and recognising the handwriting as Aadi’s, bundles him out of the room. The exam over, Summer heads off, only to hear Mrs Crawshaw tearing a strip off Aadi for cheating. Will Summer come clean?

THE STREET REELS Suspicions mount about the circumstances surrounding the crash.

GEORGE GETS A FULL AND FRANK APOLOGY At Eileen’s request, Frank apologises to George for any upset he caused in the past and insists that he and Eileen join him and Sean for dinner to bury the hatchet.

JENNY’S CRUEL TO BE KIND Daisy and Jenny sample Leo’s homebrew only to find it’s horrible. When Leo asserts that he’s looking forward to the beer tasting, Daisy and Jenny look awkward. How will they break the news to Leo?

ELSEWHERE Max cooks a surprise tea for David and Shona, admitting he’s practising as he’s hoping to impress his new girlfriend. As Brian leads a glammed up Cathy into the Rovers, she’s disappointed to realise her date night consists of a beer tasting at the local pub.

Friday 10th June 2022

CAN SUMMER KEEP UP THE LIE? Both Summer and Aadi are called to attend meetings at school. Convinced Aadi is covering for Summer, Dev reveals that Summer’s got a new boyfriend so there’s no reason for him to protect her, Aadi’s cut to the quick. Will he change his story? Having questioned Aadi, Mrs Crawshaw summons Summer into her office. Struggling to live with the lie, will Summer admit it was she who intended to cheat?

QUESTIONS ARE ASKED The police investigate the circumstances surrounding the crash.

MARIA CAN’T JUGGLE HER COUNCIL DUTIES David and Maria are horrified to realise they’ve both booked the day off and there’s nobody looking after the barbers.

ELSEWHERE Fiz is fed up of living in a building site, which is not helped by Phill admitting the crack in the lounge ceiling is worse than he thought and he’s spilt paint over the wedding invites! When Cathy spots some papers in Brian’s bag her face falls.

Coronation Street airs hour-long episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.