The best of the soap stories this week undoubtedly goes to EastEnders who did something out of the ordinary and ‘time traveled’ back to 1979 where we had a cracking episode focused on the Mitchell’s in their younger days. An extremely well cast, and directed, episode that got high praise from fans, critics and viewers across social media.

Credit goes to Daniel Delaney playing the younger Phil Mitchell who was perfectly cast in his role and nailed the mannerisms of the Walford hardman. It was also nice to see Roxy and Ronnie again and showed just how much we as fans miss them.

The worst goes to Emmerdale and Sandra’s storyline. This isn’t anything to do with casting but how fking much I hate this character and the storyline. It seems Sandra only exists to cause as much misery as she can to her daughter in the hopes of getting Liv’s money – and boy does she not care about the upset she causes in the process.

Liv and Vinny Dingle are an amazing couple played by a pair of talented actors so it was lovely seeing them get married just 8 months ago. However, Emmerdale being Emmerdale seemingly didn’t know how to show a happy married couple and the pair did nothing for months. It seems the only way to show a couple in the village is to have them drama-filled, miserable and at each other’s throats. The first story for them as a married couple seems to be one where the Brides mother is only happy trying to split them apart and is throwing everything at her daughter to do this. Constantly bringing up Liv’s Asexuality, drinking and the fact that Vinny has ‘needs’. Nope, what Liv and Vinny need is you to hurry up and fk off.

Now for the ‘meh’, over in Coronation Street it was nice to see a rare Carla and Peter scene who like Emmerdale the writers don’t seem to know how to show a happily married couple. How long before they get bored and Peter either starts drinking or Carla cheats? this is Corrie I wouldn’t bet against this happening. #Yawn